Experience Organic Farming & Garden Helping in Germany

Come Experience Organic Farming in Germany

Come experience Organic Farming & Garden Helping in Germany. We try to create a place where life, friendship, knowledge and nature mingle in the most beautiful way possible.

We work a lot and we expect you to like working hard, too. But it’s satisfying and fun, because we do it together, and it’s not done for profit but in order to create something new, meaningful and healthy.

Experience Organic Farming – Quick Checks

  • Hours & roster: Approx. 5 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • What’s included? Free meals and accommodation
  • What’s NOT included? Flights, visa & volunteer travel insurance
  • Selection process: Message about your relevant experience, why you’d like to volunteer & the dates you would be available

Experience Organic Farming – Help Required

You’ll meet a lot of young people. There are tons of things to do, fun all along and new experiences in many different ways. Ways include: organic farming with kettle, horses, sheep, goats, pigs, fowl and so on.

Also gardening both with flowers in our park-style gardens, with medical plants and fruit and vegetables, construction work, cooking, child care, bakery, dairy and so on.

All of it on the background of getting to know each other, evolve, enjoy life together. Our farming/gardening season starts on March 15th. For the next two months we need a lot of help on the fields and in the gardens, preparing the acres and beds, sowing, weeding and so on.

To get along well in summer it’s crucial to have a good start – we can use as much help as possible during this period.

We’d like you to stay for at least one month so you have a chance to really get into the things you’re doing here. Also for learning/freshening up German staying for some time always pays.

We, the farmers/gardeners are a crew of boys and girls in our twenties, so there should be enough to talk and joke about to learn German – don’t underestimate weeding in this regard, it’s perfect for improving language skills and tanning at the same time.

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A part from the main work on the fields there’s always plenty to do in almost any corner of our place. So if you’re interested in helping in the other realms described above, you’re most certainly welcome to contact us. And of course your stay is appreciated very much after May too – we’re really looking forward to welcome all of you right until November!

Sleeping: We have guest rooms in different houses and we’ll try to find the best accommodation depending on how many you are, how you wish to live.

Linen & Laundry: We have laundry facilities.

Eating: You can eat together with many of us in the big dining room, where our cook creates great dishes from organic ingredients as often as possible from our own acre. Eating vegetarian is possible but not necessary.

Transport: The closest airport is Hamburg. Take the train to get here, we’ll fetch you at the station Göhrde.

Amenities & Preferences

  • We have Wi-Fi available for your use.
  • Improve or learn German. Languages spoken: German, English, French, Svedisch, Spanish (a little), Russian (a little)
  • Enjoy the very special landscape along the Elbe River where glaciers created a hilly countryside unlike the generally flat land of northern Germany. We’re part of a bigger nature protection area with woods and farmland and vast nesting sites, beavers along the river.
  • You can go biking or swimming in the river Elbe, go visit the small medieval town Hitzacker built on an island in the river or the Hanse-town Lüneburg with its big picturesque medieval historic city centre.
  • The countryside in northern Germany has its charms, with many occasions for slowing down/enjoying the quiet, the west winds, the big sky. In our village however this nature feeling has a little urban touch because of the many activities of our community.

We recommend that when travelling that you always have your own travel insurance.

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