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South America

There are many reasons why you should move the continent of South America to the top of your destination list. South America has a lot to offer to a volunteer. Volunteering opportunities abound: the top 3 themes are hospitality opportunities, environmental opportunities, and teaching & language.


People of all ages can volunteer – we strongly believe that the most important factor is attitude. If you’re up for new experiences and learning new things, volunteering is for you. Opportunities on our HelpStay platform include stays that accept families with kids, singles and couples! Whether your group is big or small, you’ll be able to volunteer.


For those of us looking for a budget option, there are also lots of free opportunities available. Remember that this means you don’t have to pay to volunteer but there may be some costs you should cover such as travel or meals. It’s always a good idea to clarify responsibilities (monetary and otherwise) with your host before you travel!


Check out our guide to volunteering in South America, we show you how to get the foundations in place so you can start applying with confidence to go volunteering in South America.

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