Free Volunteering is a wonderful way to see the world, find your calling in life, reduce your accommodation costs, learn new skills, help others, and experience the local lifestyle. Find out how we make it possible to volunteer abroad for free? Explore thousands of work exchange opportunities abroad, all available in 2021, and open to all age groups.

Top 10 Free Volunteering Opportunities In 2021

Free Volunteering is the home of overseas volunteering and brought to you by Here, you can choose from 1000’s of opportunities where you can work in exchange for room and board. Free Volunteering opportunities listed here are many and varied and can include working in a backpacker hostel, teaching English, helping on a farm or vineyard, renovation and restoration projects, or volunteering with a benevolent cause. By choosing to go volunteering abroad, you’ll get to see the world in addition to enjoying a low-cost work away adventure. All listed opportunities are open to all age groups!
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