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Healthcare volunteer

Healthcare volunteer needed in India

Bringing healthcare directly those in need, our “Hospital at your Door” service delivers essential primary care to 32 local villages. We offer convenient consultations and medication dispensing, making healthcare accessible for everyone in our community. Join us!

Work in India as a healthcare volunteer – requirements & tasks

At Swaminarayan Gokuldham Nar’s “Hospital at your Door” we deliver mobile primary care to 32 underserved rural villages. This initiative provides consultations with a qualified medical practitioner and nursing staff, along with medication dispensing at a nominal fee of Rs 10 per patient.

A dedicated team of four – doctor, nurse, assistant, and driver – travels daily in a fully equipped mobile hospital and dispensary to pre-determined locations. The service is inclusive, open to all regardless of age, gender, religion, caste, or background. Our staff’s selfless commitment ensures seamless operation and continuity of care, fostering a lasting doctor-patient relationship.

Operating six days a week, the team visits five villages daily, utilizing local offices, temples, or even homes as makeshift clinics. Patients receive diagnoses and medical assistance, including basic medications from the program’s stock. This vital service is overseen by a lead program doctor.

We invite healthcare professionals – doctors, paramedics, consultants, nurses, A&E staff, pharmacists, and those with primary healthcare experience – to volunteer alongside our local medical team. This rewarding opportunity offers a glimpse into rural Indian life while contributing to a crucial service in remote areas.

As a valued member of our medical team, you’ll play a vital role in delivering primary healthcare to surrounding villages. This includes diagnosing conditions, offering preventive advice, and prescribing and dispensing medications. Your responsibilities will encompass tasks like measuring blood pressure, checking temperatures, assisting the local doctor with patient visits, and providing general primary care to both children and adults in these rural communities.

Additionally, you’ll contribute to the healthcare of our 250 boarding school students and care home residents within the Gokuldham Nar campus. Your expertise will be invaluable during our monthly high-tech prosthetic limb camps, where patients from across the country receive diagnoses, measurements, and fittings for prosthetic limbs.

We also encourage your participation in developing and producing healthcare awareness materials for distribution. If you enjoy working with children, there are opportunities to engage in educational activities at our school, promoting healthy living, nutrition, exercise, and overall well-being.

You will work for about 30 hours per week.

Work in India as a healthcare volunteer – what we offer

During your stay, you’ll be housed in a secure, two-bedroom apartment with en-suite facilities located on our Swaminarayan Gokuldham Nar campus. You’ll share this accommodation with another volunteer of the same gender. Photos of both rooms are available for your reference.

All meals, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and chai, will be provided in the communal temple. These will be traditional Swaminarayan vegetarian meals, prepared without garlic or onion.

Additionally, we offer complimentary mineral water throughout your entire stay with us.

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