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Volunteer in Indonesia & help out with a house renovation

I’ve been renovating a small house that I’m renting on Gili Air Island. The renovation is nearly complete, but I could use some assistance.

Volunteer in Indonesia – requirements & tasks

Hello! I’m in need of help to complete the renovation of a small house I’ve been renting since last year. I’ve run out of funds, so I’m borrowing tools and using second-hand wood. While it may not be professional work, I aim to make it clean and sturdy. My motivation to do everything on my own is dwindling, but I’m almost finished!

The primary tasks involve manual woodworking, including building a small wood terrace (2.5m x 2.5m) and a small garden door. There might be additional work like furniture assembly or painting later on, but I can provide accommodation for a maximum of three weeks. You’ll work only 4 hours a day, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful island I call home. You can head to the beach (just 5 minutes away), go snorkeling, and explore more if you have some spending money.

Food and cigarettes are quite affordable here, and there are no cars or motorbikes; we get around on foot or by bicycle (which I can provide). If you’re coming from Bali airport, it’s a 3-hour bus ride followed by a 1.5-hour fast boat trip (costing $50 for a return ticket). If you’re arriving from Lombok, which also has an airport, it’s a 2-hour taxi ride followed by a short 15-minute public boat trip ($2).

You should be creative, resourceful, and easygoing. I’m not expecting professional-level work, but I do need something sturdy. Keep in mind that you’ll be working in the morning when the weather can get very hot here. I’ve borrowed tools from friends, so we must be careful with them.

I’m really tight on funds, so please make sure you can cover your own meals and essentials because, while I’m happy to share when I can, there may be times when I can’t.

Feel free to contact me for more information! Your help would be greatly appreciated.

You will work for about 28 hours per week.

Volunteer work in Indonesia – what we offer

You’ll have your own bedroom, a toilet, and a cold shower (which is normal here due to the very hot weather). I’ll provide coffee and water, but I won’t be supplying food, although it’s quite affordable around here. I’ll be happy to share when I can. You’re welcome to use my fridge and kitchen.

While I don’t offer laundry service, it’s inexpensive (only $2 per kilogram) to have the locals do it for you – my neighbors offer laundry service. Alternatively, you can do it yourself, just like I do, by hand.

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