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Teach English as a volunteer in Hanoi, Vietnam

At ‘English Homestay’ in Hanoi, we are actively seeking English teachers for our language program. Join us for an exciting volunteer work in Vietnam!

Volunteer work in Vietnam as an English teacher – requirements & tasks

If you are interested in teaching English and experiencing the vibrant culture of Hanoi, we would love to hear from you!

My name’s Phuong, I’m 37 years old, and I’m married. I have a son who is 13 years old and a daughter who is 4 years old. They both enjoy studying. Currently, we have several small groups learning English together. Our teachers assist the students in improving their speaking skills on a daily basis.

Moreover, teachers and students exchange cultures, languages, and local customs to gain more knowledge about the world. Welcome to the homestay!

– The foreign teachers will teach English according to the books and textbooks.
– The classes for students who have forgotten English from the basics will focus on basic communication and pronunciation.
– The classes for more advanced students will cover topics like self-expression, friends, family, and more.
– If you have your own textbooks, please let us know.
– We will provide books and textbooks for teachers and have teaching assistants to help.
– Teachers will help students improve their speaking skills by asking them questions to answer.
– Teachers will also correct pronunciation and sentence mistakes for students when necessary.
– Regarding the classes for kids: We need more games, pictures, and activities to make learning easier and more enjoyable for them.

You will work for about 24 hours per week.

Volunteer work in Vietnam as an English teacher – what we offer

Free accommodation: You will live with us at our house, and we even have a nice rooftop where we can have cookouts and watch the sunset together.
Bedroom amenities: We provide a bedroom with a fan, air-conditioner, mosquito net, pillow, blanket, and mattress for your comfort.
Transportation: There is also a scooter available for you to use, allowing you to travel around the city or buy any common goods conveniently.
Food provision: We offer lunch and dinner for you every day. For breakfast, you can prepare your own meal using the available ingredients in the kitchen.

Occasionally, we will cook and eat together, and you can find some food prepared in the refrigerator, such as pork, eggs, green vegetables, potatoes, tomatoes, and rice. You will have the opportunity to prepare and cook your own meals using these ingredients. Additionally, if you are skilled in cooking, you can teach the children to cook or make drinks during the weekends.

We will make sure that you find a lot of interesting things about Vietnamese culture, such as foods, language, history, historical places, travel, and more.

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