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volunteer for women

Volunteer for women in India

JJ Foundation envisions a thriving, sustainable community through its innovative Empowerment Oasis initiative, Sashakt Marudhyan. Our core mission focuses on empowering women, fostering community well-being, and bolstering education and healthcare access for everyone. Join us!

Volunteer for women empowerment – requirements & tasks

We’re developing a social impact project for rural Rajasthan, focusing on women’s empowerment and community development. We’re eager to connect with passionate individuals interested in purposeful travel and volunteering.

Together, we’ll shape your volunteer experience based on your skills and interests. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a student, your unique perspective is valuable in co-creating a meaningful role within our initiative.

Our Vision: To build a sustainable community through empowering women, fostering well-being, and enhancing education and healthcare access.

Our Mission: To establish “Sashakt Marudhyan,” a community-centered Empowerment Oasis focused on these pillars.

End Goal Of Our Work: To become a global model for sustainable development and social change. Women’s financial inclusion, community well-being, and education and healthcare security for all.

Let’s connect and explore how your skills and passion can contribute to empowering women and building a thriving community in Rajasthan. Together, we can make a lasting impact!

You will work for about 16 hours per week.

Volunteer for women empowerment – what we offer

Our volunteers will enjoy a comfortable stay in a fully furnished apartment, complete with high-speed internet and all essential amenities. Each volunteer will have their own private bed for a restful experience.

While volunteers are responsible for preparing their own meals, we will provide groceries and offer support with cooking if needed.

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