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Volunteer as a teacher in Thailand

We’re a small organization located in Nong Khai, a small town that borders Thailand and Laos, along the mighty Mekong River. Join us!

Volunteer as a teacher in Thailand – requirements & tasks

Teach Thai Students (TTS) is a program dedicated to enhancing the learning abilities of Thai students in small primary schools in rural villages along the border areas of Thailand and Laos. The TTS program focuses on improving academic and life skills, including English language proficiency.

The FCYD Foundation offers two types of volunteer opportunities:

1. TTS Volunteer: This role involves collaborating with the TTS team leader to create educational camps for primary school students. These camps cover a wide range of subjects, not limited to academics alone but also encompassing life skills, such as art, sports, music, and more. Depending on a volunteer’s skills, they will take on responsibilities spanning from initial planning, research, and camp design to the final preparations and the actual execution of these programs in target schools.
2 FCYD Funding Volunteer: In this capacity, volunteers work alongside the FCYD Chairman. While FCYD Foundation is a small organization, it has received recognition and certification from the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Finance in Thailand as a Charitable and Outstanding Organization for Rural Development in 2022. However, as an external organization, the FCYD Foundation does not receive formal subsidies from the Thai Government. Our primary source of funding comes from donations contributed by individuals, companies, and other organizations.

The role of a funding volunteer entails identifying potential companies and organizations, both Thai and international, that share a commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and are interested in supporting vulnerable children and families. This involves reaching out to these entities, organizing meetings, and making presentations, often in locations such as Bangkok. As a funding volunteer, there are no specific monthly donation targets; instead, the focus is on making a meaningful contribution that ultimately benefits children in rural villages.

You will work for about 40 hours per week.

Volunteer as a teacher in Thailand – what we offer

We provide volunteers with an apartment comprising an air-conditioned single main room that serves as a living room, dining room, and bedroom. It also includes kitchen amenities and a separate bathroom. It’s suitable for comfortable living.

We also offer a half board.

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