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Work on a farm while volunteering in Alaska

We have a 3.5-acre farm on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. We extend a warm welcome to those with a positive attitude and an open mind. Join us!

Try volunteering in Alaska – requirements & tasks

We operate a Peony farm located on the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska. Our focus involves cultivating and harvesting organic peonies for the market and growing vegetables destined for dinner tables.

Additionally, we craft soaps and perfumes, continuously honing our skills in this art. Construction projects are an ongoing part of our endeavors; presently, we’re in the process of constructing a Himalayan greenhouse. On rainy days, we delve into various indoor projects such as knitting, felting, weaving, artistic pursuits, and language projects.

Our daily routine typically starts with breakfast available at 7 am, followed by our venture to the field around 9 am. We dedicate three hours to the peony field before returning to the house for lunch. Post-lunch activities vary greatly. While our main focus remains on building projects and tending to the gardens, each day unfolds with new possibilities.

Your tasks might encompass a wide range of activities, including composting, harvesting, repairing small engines, constructing stone walls, roofing, digging an outhouse, or even visiting other farms to assist them and immerse yourself in animal care and/or artistic endeavors.

You will work for about 30 hours per week.

Try volunteering in Alaska – what we offer

We have three different cabins, all dry. Red cabin is for three, Hobbit hut is a single or couple, wilderness cabin is single or for a couple and deep in the woods. Bedding and sleeping bags are available but we recommend bringing a sleeping bag.

We also provide a full board.

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