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Help out on a family farm in the US

Come and volunteer in Kentucky, while staying on an American farm! We have previously hosted exchange students from Europe and Mexico. We provide a family environment to introduce yourself to the US.

Volunteer in Kentucky, US and help out on a farm – requirements & tasks

We’re conveniently located in the heart of the United States, with major cities like Louisville, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati just a few hours’ drive away. If you’re up for a longer weekend adventure, Chicago and Atlanta are within 6-8 hours.

We’re excited to invite someone to stay with us and help on our farm. Currently, we have 16 Kiko goats, and we’re expecting 15-25 baby goats between now and March. With both adults working full time and our high school-aged daughter actively involved in school activities, there’s a unique opportunity for an individual to live with us, learn about goats and horses, and spend time with an American family.

Carolina, my wife, is originally from Mexico and has been in the US for over 20 years. My family lives about 30 minutes away. We’re looking for someone interested in experiencing a rural, family-oriented environment. If you join us, you’ll be treated as a member of our family and be welcome to all our family activities. Please note that this is a small town with no reliable public transportation. While walking or biking to most places is not feasible due to the distances, we’re more than happy to provide transportation and may even allow you to use our car as needed.

This is not a difficult position that requires many hours of hard work. It is typically an hour or so in the morning and a couple of hours in the evening – you will work for about 25 hours per week.

Most days, you are free to enjoy yourself as you like. Some weekends, we will go places as a family, and others, we spend the day completing projects around the farm. We are looking at this as a cultural exchange, where we can learn about your customs and language while teaching you about ours!

Volunteer in Kentucky, US and help out on a farm – what we offer

We provide a single private room and a shared bathroom. You will have use of all common areas of the house including the family room, kitchen, and laundry. You are welcome to all the food in the house.

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