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volunteer work with animals

Volunteer work with animals and renovation at a spiritual retreat

Come and be a part of our vegan community, where you can contribute to a meaningful cause and experience the beauty of a compassionate lifestyle.

Volunteer work with animals in France – requirements & tasks

Our vegan spiritual and animal sanctuary, nestled in the picturesque Limousine countryside, is calling for volunteers! We are a haven for handicapped dogs and cats, providing them with the best life on our beautiful farm. Whether you are fully vegan, exploring vegan spirituality, or simply eager to help, we warmly welcome all beliefs and faiths into our inclusive community.

We’re Looking For:

  • Animal lovers dedicated to the care and well-being of handicapped animals
  • Individuals eager to live in a community that values veganism, spirituality, and environmental stewardship
  • Skilled volunteers with experience in fencing, building, or renovating
  • Gardening enthusiasts passionate about sustainable living

If you are ready to contribute your skills and heart to a project that makes a real difference, we would love to hear from you. Join us in creating a sanctuary where every animal is cherished and every volunteer experience is meaningful.

We need help with:

  • Animal Care and Gardening: We need volunteers to assist with caring for our handicapped animals and tending to our garden. Whether you have experience with animal care or a talent for gardening, your help will be greatly appreciated.
  • Fencing Projects: We’re planning to install additional fencing around our property to create secure areas for our chickens, goats, sheep, and other animals we plan to rescue. Volunteers with fencing skills are crucial for this project.
  • Renovation Work: We have a small building that needs renovation to become a cozy, safe haven for more cats. If you have building and renovation skills, your expertise will be invaluable in making this project a success.
  • Infrastructure Development: To accommodate rescued chickens, goats, sheep, and other animals, we need to build sturdy and functional infrastructure, including shelters, feeding stations, and comfortable living spaces. Construction skills are essential for these tasks.

You will work for about 25 hours per week.

Volunteer work with animals in France – what we offer

We provide volunteers with a private newly renovated rooms with nice living room, private bathroom and a shared kitchen with cosy dining and lounge area.

We also offer a monthly food budget as we understand the importance of nourishing food while volunteering. That’s why you will receive a monthly vegan food budget of €250 to make sure you enjoy delicious and ethical meals during your stay.

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