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volunteer in spain

Volunteer in Spain for free on an off-grid property

I am trying to do my part to make the future better than the past, whether it is by planting trees, protecting wildlife or educating others. Help me out & make a change in the world!

Make the world better & volunteer in Spain for free – requirements & tasks

Let’s create a local forest, grow food, and take care of our guests.

I rent out two off-grid cabins in the mountains. The income enables me to plant trees and make conscious decisions to better protect wildlife in the area. Additionally, I work with an NGO called FAPAS.

Currently, I’m in the process of reforesting 10,000 square meters and continually restoring the damage caused by deer and stray horses. I will soon start producing food. Additionally, I offer accommodation for guests from around the world, allowing them to deeply connect with nature. In addition to gardening, I need assistance with the fences, and there are two cabins on the property that also require regular cleaning.

My property is located next to Redes Natural Park, in the enchanting region of Spain known as Asturias. This area is renowned for its national parks, such as Picos de Europa, and its stunning coastline, making it an ideal destination for both hikers and sea enthusiasts.

You will work for about 20 hours per week.

Make the world better & volunteer in Spain for free – what we offer

I can offer a private room with natural light in an apartment that shares a toilet (with another room) and a kitchen.

The apartment is conveniently located just a 3-minute walk from the train station, 35 minutes from Oviedo city, and 40 minutes from Gijón (a coastal city with beaches). There are also buses available, and for visits to the national park, I can provide transportation as I frequently go there. There’s an abundance of nature around, with cities within easy reach.

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