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Help out with house renovation while volunteering in Germany

We could use assistance with smaller renovations, cleaning, and gardening tasks in our house in Weisweil, Germany. Join us!

Try volunteering in Germany – requirements & tasks

We are an older couple with a lot of energy. Currently, we split our time between Spain and Germany. In Spain, we have a permaculture project where volunteers are welcome.

In Germany, we have a lovely house with a spacious garden, approximately 2,000 sqm in size. We could use assistance with smaller renovations, cleaning, and gardening tasks. The location is beautiful, and you’ll have plenty of free time to enjoy various activities.

Our house is located 23 km from Freiburg in a charming village called Weisweil. You can easily access different areas by train, including the Black Forest, Strasbourg, and more. France is also nearby. On weekends, we can explore the area together by car, such as visiting the Black Forest.

Please note that this opportunity is available for one or two individuals only. In Spain, we offer volunteering for larger groups, allowing you to meet people from all over the world.

You will work for about 25 hours per week.

Try volunteering in Germany – what we offer

During your stay in Germany, you’ll have the opportunity to explore and experience many things. If Annette is present, we also offer yoga classes. You will have your own 60 sqm apartment for accommodation.

We provide a full board.

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