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volunteer in ireland

Volunteer handyman needed for a house renovation in Ireland

We’re looking for individuals capable of assisting with minor repairs and providing comprehensive support for building projects. Join us!

Opportunity in Ireland for volunteer handyman – requirements & tasks

The tasks ahead encompass a variety of needs: installing a new heating system, updating electrical wiring, insulating walls and floors, plumbing renovations, adding an accessible bathroom, removing the chimney, installing new doors and windows, adding flooring, setting up a kitchen, and adding a touch of love—painting. Additionally, there’s a dream to convert the garage into a room, offering me a personal sanctuary as climbing stairs has become a challenge due to my ailing health.

Here are some key skills that could be valuable for the various tasks involved:

All-around handy people:
Patience and care are at the top of the list.

Carpentry and Construction:
Skills in carpentry and general construction for tasks such as installing doors, windows, and flooring.

Knowledge of plumbing systems for renovations, adding a new bathroom, and ensuring a proper water supply.

Electrical Work:
Competence in electrical work for updating wiring and ensuring a safe and functional electrical system.

Heating System Installation:
Experience in installing and maintaining heating systems for comfort and energy efficiency.

Insulation Installation:
Skills in installing insulation on walls and floors to enhance energy efficiency.

Painting and Decorating:
Artistic skills for painting and decorating to add a personal touch to the living space.

Plastering skills for wall repairs and enhancements.

Gardening and Landscaping:
Skills in gardening and landscaping for creating an outdoor space, as mentioned in your needs.

General Handyman Skills:
Versatility in various handyman tasks, from minor repairs to overall project support.

Opportunity in Ireland for volunteer handyman – what we offer

The current state of our home does not boast luxury at the moment, but it offers a reliable sanctuary—a sturdy roof, four walls, a comfortable bed, and a soothing shower.

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