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Help out on a farm as a volunteer in Finland

If you’re seeking peace, unforgettable experiences, or aiming for improved physical and mental well-being, you’re more than welcome here!

Volunteer in Finland on a farm – requirements & tasks

As a 34-year-old independent single Mum with three children, I reside in a large old school, welcoming various individuals into our community. Our home includes three goats, five sheep, 28 chickens, two roosters, and three Siberian Husky dogs.

Transitioning from city life to a more communal and sustainable lifestyle, I cherish spirituality and hold a deep love for nature, children, animals, and the joy of laughter. My values revolve around honesty, self-accountability, embracing diversity, and living sustainably according to our own standards. Our activities span from renovating houses and caring for animals to nature excursions, cooking with locally sourced or self-produced food, nurturing our garden, and sharing the simple moments of everyday life together.

Joining us means experiencing life alongside diverse individuals and animals. There’s a wide array of tasks—from farming and maintenance to painting, construction, nature walks, animal care, berry picking, tending to children, and decorating.

You will work for about 30 hours per week.

Volunteer in Finland on a farm – what we offer

I provide volunteers with accommodation and a full board.

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