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English-speaking volunteer needed in Ecuador

We aim to foster a cultural exchange between our students and volunteers, helping them embrace each other’s cultures. Join us!

Opportunity for English-speaking volunteer – requirements & tasks

Our volunteers are individuals keen on immersing themselves in Ecuadorian culture. They will have the opportunity to interact with numerous people and assist individuals in overcoming their apprehension about using English as a life skill.

My aim is to cultivate a cultural exchange atmosphere between our students and volunteers, enabling both parties to familiarize themselves with each other’s cultures.

In Quito, we boast numerous enchanting tourist sites for travelers to explore and relish.

What I anticipate from a volunteer: Irrespective of your country of origin, I seek volunteers to aid me in my mission of helping students conquer their fear of speaking English. Typically, volunteers engage in one-on-one conversations daily with various students, discussing their interests. Naturally, they tailor their interactions to the students’ proficiency levels, fostering friendships and nurturing intercultural connections.

Our volunteers can expect from us a pleasant working environment at the institute. The schedule demands commitment, with volunteers assisting us Monday through Friday from 10:30 am to 1 pm and from 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm, totaling 30 hours per week.

Opportunity for English-speaking volunteer – what we offer

We provide two daily meals and accommodation in one of Quito’s finest hostels. This hostel is located in the bustling La Mariscal neighborhood, a mere 7-minute walk from the institute and situated in one of Quito’s busiest tourist areas.

I consider my volunteers as my guests, treating them with great care. In Quito’s culture, visitors are esteemed individuals, and I strive to ensure my volunteers feel at home and supported throughout their stay, as long as they maintain communication with me.

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