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Become a volunteer in Colombia

Teach English or French in Colombia as a volunteer

Become an inspiration for the next generation of kids and adolescents in Ciénaga. Try volunteering in Colombia as a teacher of English, French, music, dance or soccer. Our house is an active social enterprise and we host programs and activities for the local community. Join us in helping participants develop valuable life skills.

Volunteering in Colombia as a teacher – requirements & tasks

El Habitante is a culture house in Ciénaga, Colombia. It is a social enterprise that allows us to organize programs and activities for the local community through our NGO Tiempo de Juego (Time for Play).

We work five days a week with Saturdays and Sundays off. Our volunteers have the opportunity to teach English and/or French, and/or co-instruct dance, soccer and music classes.

In El Habitante we rely on games to promote autonomy and create hope in children, youth and adolescents. By using games as a tool to develop valuable life skills, we want to inspire our participants to be agents for change in their communities.

You’ll help us for about 20 hours a week and you will have two days off.

We’ll discuss specific roles and activities on confirmation of the stay. However, we are open to getting to know your gifts to see how you can bring your unique skills to our project.

Volunteering in Colombia as a teacher – what we offer

Our organization is not able to offer free accommodation to our interns. If you decide to volunteer at Tiempo de Juego we can offer you a discount for your stay in a dorm room (45.000 COP/Night) in our culture house – “El Habitante”.

You can also find other low-price accommodation in the city. We totally understand if you’re not willing to pay for your stay. Unfortunately, our organization depends on that income and we can’t offer any alternatives. Thanks to the volunteers who stay in our hostel we can provide our services to local children and youth for free.

In addition, we offer our volunteers:
– free volunteer cap from the NGO
– discount at a local modern cafe called La Tranca.

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