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Farm volunteering opportunity in Uruguay for 30-year-olds & older.

We’re a youngish couple who work in the city and maintain a small farm. Our farm is not a business but just a quiet cozy place to live away from the bustle of the city.

Volunteering in Uruguay over 30 – requiremenrs & tasks

If you are older than 30 years old, love animals and the land and responsible – you are welcome!

We need help with various tasks which include:

  • gardening – watering, pruning, and weeding plants, grass mowing,
  • general maintenance of the territory around the house,
  • small DIY projects,
  • farmstay help,
  • animal care.
  • minor repairs,
  • shed cleaning,
  • composting and various soil mixtures.
  • sawing and chopping firewood

You’ll work for about 23 hours a week and have two days off.

Volunteering in Uruguay over 30 – what we offer

We offer accommodation and food for free (we buy supplies but you’ll need to cook for yourself). You’ll live in a sea refrigerated container converted into a guest house. It has a gas stove, shower, washing machine, kitchen, etc.

We can teach you how to work with horses and dogs, how to take care of the garden, composting and preparation of various soil mixtures, ecological farming, finishing work, carpentry, plumbing, work with electric and gasoline power tools, etc.

We are only 15 kilometers from the ocean and you can catch the bus several times a day.

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