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volunteer brazil

Volunteer in Brazil at an Artistic Oasis

Embrace and exchange beautiful experiences, discovering diverse perspectives on life and the world. Join us!

Help out with eco projects as a volunteer in Brazil – requirements & tasks

I am a photographer, visual artist, and designer. You are invited to join our unique family of artists and life enthusiasts in a stunning home set in the beautiful backdrop of the Brazilian cerrado, where vibrant sunsets paint the sky.

We would love to have you with us, contributing to our art and eco projects, teaching languages to our children, collaborating with our family, assisting with household tasks, sharing your culinary specialities, and working in the garden. Your presence would greatly contribute to enhancing our quality of life and fostering a deeper connection with nature.

You will work for about 15 hours per week.

Help out with eco projects as a volunteer in Brazil – what we offer

Details regarding eating and living arrangements will be discussed upon confirmation of your stay.

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