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volunteer in the UK

Volunteer in the UK & help out in the orchards and gardens

I am a 80-year-old architect and countryman with cider, perry, and damson orchards, as well as a large house and garden. Two young friends live in a converted barn next door. Additionally, two other long-term residents share the house with me. Come join our community as a volunteer in the UK!

Cultivate fruits as a volunteer in the UK – requirements & tasks

Our lifestyle leans towards a communal one, with shared meals being a significant aspect. Food holds great importance here! We prepare meals from scratch, utilizing our homegrown produce whenever possible or sourcing ingredients locally. Guests are welcomed to cook and share dishes with us as well.

As there are often multiple guests staying, you’ll usually have the chance to interact with people from various countries. Monthly, we host small, intimate jazz concerts which you may attend.

Our land spans over thirty acres, inclusive of traditional cider apple, perry pear, and damson orchards, along with a kitchen garden. Consequently, much of the assistance we require revolves around these areas.

Tasks vary with the seasons and may involve pruning, weeding, tending to the vegetable garden, collecting and stacking wood, as well as general maintenance tasks such as fencing and grass cutting. Additionally, we also need an occasional help with domestic chores in the house.

Starting from early autumn, we require assistance in harvesting and processing fruit – damsons in September, followed by perry pears and cider apples from late October to December. Moreover, we need help with caring for our geese, turkey, goats, dogs, and cats.

You’ll likely receive a list to complete at your pace and convenience. We offer tools, gloves, Wellingtons, waterproof trousers, gaiters, and jackets.

We greatly appreciate contribution to general household upkeep, including tasks like washing up, maintaining kitchen cleanliness, and managing recycling.

You will work for 25 hours per week. We’re flexible about how you achieve this.

Cultivate fruits as a volunteer in the UK – what we offer

Rooms come with single or double beds. Typically, bathroom facilities are shared, but each volunteer has their own room. We also provide towels and bed sheets.

Breakfast and lunch are self-prepared affairs, but evenings usually see us gathering for a meal between 6 pm and 7 pm. Feel free to help yourself to kitchen supplies.

The locality offers splendid walking routes, with rolling hills and accessible woodlands right at our doorstep. The Wyre Forest can be reached within a ten-minute drive.

Nearby market towns include Tenbury Wells, Bewdley, and Ludlow. Public transport options are limited, but we can assist with providing lifts if needed.

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