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construction volunteer

Construction volunteer needed in Norway

Hello, I’m Martin. My wife and I have three kids and are planning to extend our home due to the limited three bedrooms we currently have. Help us out and enjoy life in Norway!

Home extension project for a construction volunteer – requirements & tasks

The extension, a 25m2 addition on top of our garage, has been approved by the council. Completing this project will require the expertise of a highly skilled carpenter.

This project involves the construction of two bedrooms on top of the existing garage. The foundation has already been laid, so the focus is on building everything above the garage.

If the right person is pressed for time, I can manage the interior finishing myself. However, if time permits, the entire project can be completed collaboratively. 

Adjacent to our house, there’s a newly renovated single bedroom available. I’m looking for the right person to occupy it. We are a Christian family striving to make ends meet. While I’m unable to undertake the construction myself, I’m willing to hire the right candidate on an hourly basis.

Our home is situated in the finest part of Kristiansand, right next to a golf course and just five minutes from the seaside. I’m eager to hear from potential candidates and explore the possibility of working together. Feel free to reach out—I’d love to discuss this further. Cheers, Martin.

You will work for 30 hours per week.

Home extension project for a construction volunteer – what we offer

I got a 1 bedroom with a 150 x 2 meter bed inside. It is not large but access to our house would be possible for bathroom and kitchen use. We also provide a full board and access to the Internet.

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