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Help exchange on an off-grid farm in the USA

We’re searching for passionate and hard-working volunteers to help us out in the spring and summer. Join us if you value sustainable practices and daily contact with nature.

Summer help exchange in Colorado, USA – requirements & tasks

Our cozy, private camper nestled amongst oak trees offers a unique escape. Well-mannered, social dogs are welcome too, with their own comfy doghouse provided.

From playful goats to happy pigs, get ready for adorable interactions with our farmyard friends. Enjoy a refreshing dip in the spring-fed creek during warmer months. Unwind with a siesta in the shade of the trees, or try your hand at seasonal foraging. Light workdays might include exciting adventures like post-rain mushroom hunts.

We tackle projects together, but some tasks may be suited to your individual skills. Expect heavy lifting and hard work as we move animal fencing for rotational grazing and manage various farm initiatives.

Colorado weather can be unpredictable. Spring can be wet, summer scorching, and nights are often chilly due to the desert climate. Pack for all seasons, as temperatures can fluctuate dramatically. Local stores in Pueblo can provide any missing essentials like rain gear, sun protection, and warm clothes.

Volunteer duties will involve:

  • Water Management: Hauling and filling water sources for various uses.
  • Animal Care: Keeping our furry friends hydrated and well-fed.
  • Feed Management: Unloading and restocking 50lb feed bags.
  • Fueling the Fire: Chopping and chipping wood for the farm’s needs.
  • Maintaining the Land: Assisting with forestry tasks and rotating animal fencing.
  • Lending a Hand: Helping with various farm projects as they arise, including building and maintaining gardens.

Important Notes

  • This is a hard-working environment with long hours.
  • We practice humanure composting – please familiarize yourself with this process by reading the book available for free at
  • A minimum lifting capacity of 50lbs is required for tasks like feed management.
  • We maintain a healthy lifestyle – no smoking, alcohol, or junk food is allowed.
  • Responsible use of cannabis is permitted as long as it doesn’t impact productivity.

Summer help exchange in Colorado, USA – what we offer

Our 12’x8′ custom-built camper offers a comfortable and sustainable haven. Powered by solar energy, it features running water, hot showers thanks to an on-demand heater, and a cozy rocket stove for chilly nights.

Inside your haven:

  • A comfortable queen-size bed for a good night’s sleep.
  • A high-top table perfect for meals and socializing.
  • A well-equipped kitchenette with a propane stove, basic cookware, and essential spices.
  • A 12v mini fridge stocked with pantry staples like rice, oatmeal, beans, and more. We’re flexible and can tailor the pantry to your preferences.
  • Purified drinking water to keep you hydrated.

Indulge in Farm-Fresh Goodness:

  • Seasonal treats like raw goat’s milk, eggs, and ethically raised meat from our farm and nearby sources.
  • Homemade kombucha and milk kefir for a refreshing probiotic boost.
  • We believe in nourishing meals and provide high-quality ingredients for your culinary creations. Expect delicious baked goods and weekly potluck dinners for a taste of farm life camaraderie.

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