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Help run a nude off-grid camping while volunteering in Portugal

This will be a special, unique, magical and unforgettable experience! Live the naked outdoor active life with the family from the mountains of Portugal.

Try volunteering in Portugal in an eco-friendly space – requirements & tasks

🪴 NaturViana is our home. Our passion is to create the most special, unique, magical, and unforgettable moments with all visitors! We are a dynamic and active family – adults, children, and animals. All our activities are closely tied to outdoor living in the mountains, where we sustain ourselves with autonomous sources of water and electricity.

🏕️ What is our project about? We share an eco-friendly, family space nestled in the heart of the mountains, within a respectful nude (naturist or naked) environment, without commercialization. People from all over the globe visit here to embrace naked living, whether in camping or glamping. We have welcomed volunteers for at least 6 years.

🏞️ Here, you can breathe in the fresh, clean air and immerse yourself in the pristine nature that surrounds you. Discover stunning spots with magical views that will leave a lasting impression. The house offers amazing views of the city, village, and open sea. You’re going to love it! The streets to get here are paved with sand or irregular stones, adding to the charm of our unique off-grid location. Everything around us began from scratch by our own hands, creating a truly authentic experience for everyone.

🤗 We need helpers for simple tasks such as gardening, cleaning, hospitality, cooking, caring for animals, building, and creating artsy areas. We will always guide you on how to do everything. No previous experience is necessary – just be responsible, committed, motivated, open-minded, and understanding.

We ask for a minimum commitment of one week. Additionally, bring your personal hygiene items and optionally, any extra food or items you would like to contribute.

You will work for about 25 hours per week.

Try volunteering in Portugal in an eco-friendly space – what we offer

In the summer we provide an equipped tent with a sleeping bag, mattress, blankets, lamp, and furniture.
In the winter you will have an equipped room in one of our family houses.

We also provide a full board.

In our vicinity, you’ll find several attractive destinations to visit, such as Viana do Castelo, a charming coastal city, and Ponte de Lima, the oldest village in Portugal. Our location is conveniently situated just 20 km from the coast, 50 km from Spain, and 40 km from Porto, offering plenty to explore! Want to join?

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