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eco volunteering

Eco volunteering opportunity near Barcelona, Spain

There are different roles you can take on, like coordinating volunteers, doing construction, cooking, organizing events, and more. Join us in this eco volunteering adventure and make a difference!

Try eco volunteering & develop your skills – requirements & tasks

This comprehensive project entails creating a sustainable living environment centered around three main structures: one or two domes and a yurt. Harnessing the power of the sun and rainwater, the project aims to establish a self-sufficient ecosystem. Essential features include dry baths, compost facilities, a vegetable patch (garden), space for rescued animals, and a focus on preserving natural surroundings.

We will utilize organic filtration methods for water purification.

There are different roles you can take on, everyone is invited to share their skills! For example:

– Reception and/or coordination of volunteers.
– Material reception.
– Purchase and transportation of material.
– Legislative support.
– Recycling all types of tools and objects.
– Creating a suitable space for vans and camping.
– Cooking.
– Planning and creating garden spaces.
– Attention to plants and animals.
– Land cleaning.
– Pruning dead trees (sanitation).
– Digging trenches.
– Digging where the water will arrive.
– Installation of water tanks.
– Installation to bring water to houses and outside.
– Creating composting areas.
– Creating water filters.
– Installation of solar panels and batteries (or electric mills).
– Electrical installation.
– Creating small sustainable and healthy ecosystems.
– Assembling wooden posts.
– Cutting boards with shavings to get the dome covering.
– Finalizing the geodesic dome structure. Climbing to sanitize trees and have some sports space (fabrics, trapeze, climbing, boxing).
– Collecting plants and bushes for therapies and relaxation moments.
– Installation of lighting.
– Installation of interior elements.
– Creating dry toilets.
– Calibrating decomposers that will create compost.
– Reusing recycled materials (giving them life).
– Bringing beers.
– Making peace pipes.
– Installing windows and ventilation.
– Creating a home.
– Creating a natural source for animals.
– Making a pool.
– Connecting irrigation paths.
– Writing signs and labels in various languages.
– PHOTOGRAPHY and VIDEO (Making-Off, I would find it amazing).

You will work for about 20 hours per week.

Try eco volunteering & develop your skills – what we offer

I provide accommodation – for further details please contact me.

I can also offer my help with:
– Learning Spanish.
– Chinese/Japanese calligraphy.
– Group body rhythms.
– We can have jams at the end of the day.
– I sing and will have the guitar there.
– Hopefully, I’ll bring percussion and more.
– I can be great support, help with languages.
– Learning jersey stitch.
– Making rugs from recycled meshes.
– I also know how to make wigs, and wool ones are simple and beautiful.
– Photography, video, editing, sound, and characterization.
– I’d love to have a projector to get together with whoever wants.
– I can create moments for biodanza, teach meditative breathing.
– Some board games.

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