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Nature Park Helper: Volunteer at a nature park in Greece
(Photo by Biotopoi Nature Park)

Volunteer as a nature park helper in Crete, Greece.

We’re looking forward to meeting passionate people who want to get involved in the Cretan nature 🙂 Be a nature park helper with us.

Our park is closed in the wintertime from November. We start our volunteer program again in mid-March, where we prepare everything again. We need volunteer helpers, who like to share the different tasks of the park in a team of 4-5 helpers.

In the summertime, the main task is – to be a park guide and you will walk with our visitors through the Biotopoi, enabling them to explore and get excited about the rich Cretan Flora & Fauna, the Geological and Archaeological part too.

The guests are coming from different parts of the world and we mainly communicate with them in English, but also German or Russian-language-speaking helpers are welcome. It would be very helpful for a good atmosphere when you’re responsible and you like to communicate, as the team is running the park quite independently after each one had training from Susanne or Mike.

For the park, the best is, when you’re passionate about nature and the outdoors, you’re open-minded and flexible 🙂

Nature park helper tasks & toles

As a nature park helper, you’ll help with the following areas:

Guide: Our Nature Park is a beautiful wild Cretan ecosystem with the plants and the small animals of the Island. We take care of the park with the participation of our helpers. From April till October, we guide our guests through it, exploring and learning about the Cretan Flora & Fauna. Because our guests are from different parts of the world, we need a few volunteers with the English language to communicate with them properly. The volunteers’ help with the guided tours is very important.

Handyman/woman: Often we need to do some construction work or repairing, cleaning, painting, and whatever else the park needs to be ready for the visitors. The park is not a botanical garden and not a zoo; it is more of a protected and enriched natural area, with only necessarily applied changes to make it easier to visit and safer for the species that it includes. We need helping hands mostly for gardening, watering, taking care of plants and animals, building, painting, and cleaning common areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms. For the Cretan spring and wintertime, we prefer a handyman or woman.

Helping with kids & groups: In the experimental learning center, we have school excursions visiting, in the summer holiday program, starting in June, there are 40-50 kids (ages 5 -12), during the day, which ends on Sept 11t. They do handicrafts, music, theatre, construction, sports, team building games, and nature activities, like gardening, collecting herbs, making oil, or feeding animals. For this, we have employed Greek trainers. But in the summertime, we have sometimes kids coming to play and we need also helpers to watch them a bit or help them at the climbing towers, trampolines, or bicycles.

Nature park helper living arrangements

For volunteers, there are well-organised camping conditions with a van and a double-bed caravan.

Basic breakfast & lunch is included. We all share the cooking responsibility and we’ll have more than enough good food to enjoy together.

We are based on the island of Crete. Upon confirmation of your stay, we can provide more details on how best to reach us.

What else?

Age Restriction: from 21 years old. Free Wi-Fi internet access. Own travel insurance is recommended.

Some sports facilities for your free time in the park, the 15km long beach is close and there is also a walk to the beautiful Venetian town of Rethymno (1,5km downhill), or an excursion to other parts of the island, which is something we suggest our helpers do.

Our place offers many different possibilities to be creative so that you can lend your talents and nourish them. This park is the perfect environment for independent people with initiative who like to be outdoors, feel alive, and do something meaningful. Because of the diversity of things going on at the park, we like our helpers to know that it’s not a place to just ‘work’ your hours and leave but is more of a space to immerse yourself and get involved.

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