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Volunteer in Brazil and learn bio-construction.

I am a volunteer work enthusiast, cycle activist, cyclotourist, storyteller in hospitals and owner of a small outdoor gear company. Recently I left the big city to live in the mountains. We started a bioconstruction, agroforestry project in an area of 13 hectares and a larger space to receive students. Would you like to help us? 🙂

Volunteer in Brazil in construction – requirements & tasks

The initial idea is to bio-build a small and inexpensive house with recycled materials from the region. These materials are pallets, eucalyptus, cob and grass.

We learn by doing and if we are successful we intend to turn all this knowledge into a DIY manual to distribute for free to people in the region who have lost the wisdom of building houses with cob.

We need help with:

  • bioconstruction project,
  • wood treatment ( Shou Sugi Ban Tecnic) ,
  • the kitchen,
  • cleaning the house,
  • taking care of the garden, planting trees,
  • documentation of bioconstruction, etc.

We prefer not to receive smokers or vapers. We expect volunteers to help us for an average of 5 to 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. Weekends are free.

Volunteer in Brazil in construction – what we offer

We offer accommodation in a private room in a charming house with 4 bedrooms. We have access to a small lake, surrounded by grass with some fruit trees and a breathtaking view.

This is a region situated between two national parks with hundreds of hiking and cycling trails, waterfalls and small cheese producers. There are buses and taxis connecting the accommodation to the city of Itamonte (7 km away). Just 5 minutes by bike we can get organic food such as vegetables, fruits, milk, butter and various types of cheese.

We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner – we would love if you helped us prepare meals or clean the kitchen. We can cook vegetarian.

There is a reliable internet connection and places for online work.

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