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Help to rebuild an animal sanctuary while volunteering in Australia.

Living on peaceful Kangaroo Island, South Australia – we look after orphaned wildlife and care for the native animals on the farm. It was burnt out by bushfire in the summer of 2020. We would love your help to rebuild and replant, to recreate the sanctuary it once was for kangaroos, koalas, echidnas, and other native Australian animals.

Volunteering in Australia – requirements & tasks

 We are seeking helpers who love nature and animals, and who want to help rebuild a safe haven for them. If you have construction skills you will be especially welcome, but mostly we need people who enjoy challenges, and who are productive, willing workers.

We need to build a home for us, also helper- accommodation, animal shelters, to replace burnt fences, establish new orchards, vegetable gardens, greenhouses, and our plant nursery. There is also the opportunity to help with producing crafts from natural materials and learning to propagate plants if these skills interest you.

As we are rebuilding a after devastating bushfire destroyed our farm we are having to start from scratch again. If you have skills in building construction we have a shed and house, animal shelters, hothouse and greenhouses to be built, so would value and appreciate your help.

Also the assistance of unskilled but agile and strong helpers to work with Bob in building construction. There are boundary and internal fences to be erected. Bob is a retired fencing contractor, so he can teach you about fence building as you help him with re-fencing the farm.

There is tree planting, reworking fruit trees, clearing, shaping and planting both vegetable and ornamental gardens, and salvaging the bulb nursery are necessary projects. Lorraine is fairly incapacitated but still active in propagating plants and making crafts from natural materials. She would appreciate help in house cleaning, sorting handcraft materials and doing craftwork and plant propagation.

If you have high-level skills with coding, online game making, building websites or online advertising, and marketing, your help would be welcome.

Working at the farm involves a thirty minute drive each way from our temporary accommodation in the town of Kingscote, so weekdays are full on. At weekends while Bob and Lorraine may continue working, helpers are free to relax, explore or whatever they choose. We also take volunteers out on trips to nearby beaches or other interesting destinations some weekends.

While we try to give volunteers a variety of helping activities, and those most suited to their skills and interests, as you would understand, we have many urgent projects to be accomplished and need volunteers willing to put heart and muscle into whatever project we are working on at that time.

Volunteering in Australia – what we offer

You will get accommodation and full board. Our temporary living quarters are small and cluttered, with boxes of items waiting to be transferred to the farm once we have a home there. You will have a small private room of your own and share a bathroom and general living space with us.

We take volunteers out on trips to nearby beaches or other interesting destinations some weekends.

Our temporary home is in view and easy walking distance of both beach and shopping centre. Our ‘kids’ are two hand-raised orphan kangaroos.

You will be serving nature and some of Australia’s iconic creatures. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy the peacefulness of one of Australia’s beautiful tourist destinations, learn some new skills, and immerse yourself in the Australian rural culture.

If English is not your native tongue, you will be able to improve your English language skills by being immersed in English every waking hour, as well as have free English lessons with Lorraine, a TESOL English teacher with many years of experience and who loves teaching.

Weekdays will be for working, while weekends are free time for doing your own thing such as resting or exploring.

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