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Volunteer in Australia in one of the oldest Tibetan Buddhist centres in the western world!

Volunteer in Australia in Chenrezig Institute which was founded in 1974. It was one of the first Tibetan Buddhist centres established in the western world. It remains one of the largest. Volunteering here is a wonderful opportunity to become a valued part of our friendly community and help with the running of our centre. Join us!

Volunteer in Australia in a Buddhist centre – requirements & tasks

Our centre has a robust and consistent history of volunteer-led support. It has brought us to this point nearly 50 years after our inception. Our volunteers’ generous input has enabled countless others to enjoy the benefits of visiting, studying and practising at Chenrezig. We are so thankful for everyone’s help.

Feel invited to become part of this great tradition so we can continue teaching Dharma now and into the future for the benefit of all who come here.

We will ask you to work for 30 hours a week, 5 days. Your days off will be Saturday and Sunday,

You can play a valuable role in:

  • Providing general admin support to the Spiritual Program Coordinator
  • Assisting with preparations for upcoming courses and events
  • Poster/flyer development
  • IT support for the program team
  • Visitor Information (VI) volunteer. This is especially important to us. The VI role is an important liaison role between spiritual program staff/teachers and those who attend the teachings. Our VI volunteers provide course attendees with information about the centre and the particular course they are attending. They assist centre staff in ensuring that the course runs smoothly.

As we are a monastic community, there are some rules to follow while staying with us.

You don’t need to be Buddhist to stay here. You do need to have an open heart and mind, and a commitment to abide by the five lay precepts while you’re here:

  • No killing (includes mosquitoes, flies and ants)
  • Don’t steal
  • No lying
  • No sexual misconduct (this also refers to no sexual intimacy between couples while staying with us)
  • Don’t use intoxicants

Volunteer in Australia in a Buddhist centre – what we offer?

You will be accommodated in a volunteer house and provided with full board. During your stay you are welcome to participate in our morning and evening Dharma practice, pujas, twice-weekly Buddhist teachings with our Tibetan teacher, weekly meditation, or you may prefer to simply relax and absorb the peaceful rainforest environment.

Enjoy quiet contemplation in the Garden of Enlightenment, the Nalanda Masters’ Garden and Lama Yeshe’s garden, or walk the extensive grounds.

You are also most welcome to make use of the library and borrow books while you’re here.

You will also be a part of a great tradition!

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