Volunteer on a farm in Western Australia picking aubergines and mangos.

We are a small farm on the north edge of Perth. We have some greenhouses growing aubergine, cucumbers, tomatoes, and other vegetables. We also grow mangoes and passionfruit. Would you like to help us and travel around Western Australia?

Availability and requirements

We have 10 years of wonderful experiences with helpers and look forward to many more!

If you volunteer on a farm in Western Australia with us, we would like you to help us in a casual and relaxed manner for 20 hours a week by picking and packing aubergine, sometimes cucumbers or paprika. At different times of the year, we do have some mangoes to pick and also passionfruit. Other times we do some maintenance on the greenhouse and other farm jobs.

Our main picking days are Mondays.

After Monday we work with some jobs that you can help with when it suits you for any remaining hours that are needed.

We’d like you to have some experience in the volunteer process. A responsible and mature company is a good way to share a good experience. We prefer non-smokers but if you are a respectful smoker we can work something out with you. 

Volunteer on a farm in Western Australia: What we offer?

We have two houses on our farm so during our stay you get your own house. The helper house is 4 bedrooms, so sometimes there can be others staying as well and so you might share the house. We accommodate couples wonderfully but singles are also welcome to stay as well.

Helper house has a small greenhouse to grow your vegetables. We do also have tools and workshops if you’d like to buy and prepare a car for your further trip around Australia.

Helper’s house does have WiFi, Netflix, Xbox, and mobile phone reception.

For those who volunteer on a farm in Western Australia, we offer $100 each person a week for food and personal items. Everything else is supplied in the house for you.

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