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volunteer in panama

Volunteer in Panama. Help create a self sufficient and sustainable island home.

We are a unique family of six – two friends living near each other raising their 4 kids together. We also have a small flock of birds, a small colony rabbits, and a few green dart frogs. We’re from the States and Canada but loving Panama and we plan to stay here indefinitely in a sustainable, self sufficient home. Come join a quirky family of creators and help build a utopia!

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Volunteer in Panama – requirements & tasks

Our life dream has been to create a place where our friends and family could come to get away from the money driven rat race, in which we grew up, during most of our lives. We think of money as a tool to get the supplies we need to create a place from which we never want to leave and never have to leave… because we’ll have everything we need here, growing! While we have not reached our sustainable and self sufficient goal, we are striving to create the structures and gardens that will allow us to achieve that goal.

We’re looking for people interested in helping that dream become realized and maybe deciding they love it so much they want to become a permanent part of that dream too!

We depend solely on the rain to collect water for drinking, cooking, and washing. Please come with the ability to use water in a conservative manner. We use the ocean for bathing/washing and rinse with small amounts of fresh water. Please be aware that we are very much under construction.

We have four available positions and you can do some of all four, depending on our current needs:

  • Au Pair
  • Builder & Repairer
  • Farm hand
  • Landscaper/Gardener

We will ask you to for for 30 hours / week and you will have Saturday and Sunday off.

Volunteer in Panama – what we offer?

We will provide you with a single bed in a semi private dormitory loft room. We also provide full board. There are coconuts, cocoplums, sour oranges, rose apples, papaya, ice cream bean and pineapples to name a few, that grow on our various properties. We are completely off grid for all our electrical and water requirements. This basically means we collect rain water and sunlight. Our travel boat is also completely run from pedal and solar power. We will teach you how to live that way!

It would be amazing to share our joy with you! Life is such a magnificent adventure and it’s not about who you know, where you work or what clothes you wear, it’s about being authentic to yourself and doing what you feel passionate about and sparks the joy inside! 🙂

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