volunteering in puerto rico

Help to renovate a house while volunteering in Puerto Rico.

I enjoy the beach, cooking, going on treks, and riding bikes. I still surf and skateboard. I’m dependable, pleasant, and well-organized.

Renovation Volunteering in Puerto Rico – Requirements & Tasks

I am remodeling my house to create a homestay and with that, I’ll get to meet people from around the world just like I do when I travel! 🙂

List of the task I need help with if possible:

  • Carpentry = balcony railing and a pergola/roof for a deck/patio area.
  • Power wash and coat the roof with sealant (paint)
  • Plumbing = new bathroom, campground area.
  • Dig holes to install fence posts
  • Setting cyclone fences on posts
  • Move the pile of dirt to level the floor before the cement deck.
  • Cement floor/deck on the back (i got a mixer so it is way easier)
  • After the cement floor, put together a quarterpipe skateboard vert/ramp on it.
  • Plant/replant some banana trees and other plants or trees.
  • Cut down some trees.
  • Need to clean the chicken coop from vines and other plants.
  • Build a little dam in the creek.
  • Dusting and cleaning the house. By cleaning I mean, Sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, and even laundry

You’ll help me for about 25 hours a week. Before your arrival we will discuss the house rules and any relevant information regarding your stay so there are no surprises for neither of us and we can have a GREAT time.

Renovation Volunteering in Puerto Rico – What We Offer

All the available beds are shown in the pics. It all depends if people want to share rooms. Also if coming in groups etc.

That being said… now about the food!! yum! You’ll need your food or money to buy it. I can take you to the store couple of days a week. There’s a fridge so that helps. There’s a grill on the back too.

What you do with your time off is up to you, you’re FREE to go anywhere. I will tell you about the surroundings based on what you say you like so you can take advantage of your stay. There’s a lot to do on this beautiful island!

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