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Volunteer for free in Italy and help with outdoor tasks.

I live in a bit of paradise in Abruzzo, Italy, with fantastic views of the Maiella mountains, Palombaro and Casoli. I need assistance with horticultural, woodland, and construction tasks. This is a great spot because of the orchards, woodlands, and river, and only 2 hours from Rome. Join me!

Volunteer for free in Italy – requirements & tasks

I have lived here for almost 4 years but there are still a lot of renovations to be done as I have been concentrating on the land, the orchards, the woods and the river. (Oh, and away sailing my boat) I have been planting trees, hedges and flowers, clearing pathways in the overgrown woods, making a riverside walk, making a potager garden, installing a swimming pool, and even making a small golf course!

I need help with gardening, horticultural, building, and woodland mini projects and tasks. Also producing, picking, harvesting, and preserving vegetables, fruit, and nuts.

Currently, I do not have any pets or animals, apart from 2 bee hives. I produce a lot of my fruit and vegetables so harvesting and preserving them at times is a priority.

So a list of possible help I would like would include: general gardening, weeding, grass cutting, vegetable garden, harvesting (and eating!), and preserving apricots, figs, peaches, plums, apples, pears, pomegranates, persimmon, mulberries, loquats, soft fruit, eating olives, strawberries, almonds, walnuts, etc. I also need help with collecting firewood, clearing pathways, cutting ivy, river bank maintenance, stone picking and rock clearing, ditching, dry stone walling, and various garden projects. In the house, there are walls to knock through, a new bathroom to install, doorways to move and make, etc.

The list is long but we will adjust them depending on your suitability, ability/desire, and time of year. You’ll help me for about 25 hours a week with two days off.

Volunteer for free in Italy – what we offer

Fire pit, BBQs, pizza oven, swimming, hammocks, chilling by the river, siestas on the terrazzo, walks in the woods etc are all optional. The orchards, woods, river, pool etc make this an ideal place just to be…. kites, buzzards and numerous other birds, cinghiale, foxes, deer, hares, fireflies, lizards etc all help make this a wildlife paradise. There are great walks, mountains to climb and ski, and sandy beaches an hour away.

You’ll get a room in my house, a 3 storey 3 bedroom 120 year old farm house. There are 2 bathrooms with 2 showers and also a solar shower by the pool. If you want to camp there are some lovely places to pitch a tent or park a campervan.

Basic food will be provided, mostly vegetarian breakfasts and evening meals. We can either cook together or alternate. I bake my bread, make yogurt and eat lots of pasta, fruit, and nuts.

Although the accommodation is fairly basic if being outside with wildlife, amazing views, and clear night skies perfect for stargazing appeals to you, then you will like my field of dreams as much as I do.

There are regular trains and coaches from Rome to Chieti. If required I can pick helpers up from Pescara airport or Chieti train or coach station which are an hour away for €10.

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