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farming volunteering ireland

Experience farming life while volunteering in Ireland on the Wild Atlantic Way.

Along a well trodden tourist trail with beautiful scenery, sandy beaches and salty sea air you are welcome to join us and experience life in our laid-back easy going seaside village.

Farm volunteering in Ireland – requirements & tasks

Out on the coast, a stone’s throw from the wild Atlantic ocean we welcome you to come and have an amazing experience with us helping on our sheep farm at any time of the year or help us out at our horse stables and trekking centre during the Summer months.

You must be okay with manual farm tasks with have good initiative. If you would like to have a real life hands-on farm experience with us helping with the sheep we would love to hear from you.

Throughout the year the tasks on the farm vary however there are some constant elements such as herding the sheep for medical examinations and management of health and general welfare.

Springtime is busy tending to the animals and in April the ewes begin to give birth to the lambs and that is a busy and very satisfying time. We provide monitoring and intervention where necessary so help at this time is much appreciated. In May and June as well as tending to the animals we also harvest peat for fuel for the Winter. It is outdoors and a great way to get some exercise and fresh air.

In summer the hand shearing takes place when the wool is shorn off manually using an instruments which can resemble a large scissors. It’s a busy time bringing the sheep in and bagging the shorn fleeces and administering doses.

If you would like to learn the skills involved in shearing we can teach you although it does take a while to progress to the level of skilled shearers. We are delighted to share our expertise in this and in all that we do with you.

Also in summer, we run a stable that makes horse riding and trekking available to tourists. It is a lovely way to spend the summer even though there is work involved in looking after the tourists and the horses.

September is a lovely time on the farm with lots happening with the sheep right up to Christmas.

Farm volunteering in Ireland – what we offer

We have an independent accommodation unit beside the farm house with two bedrooms, sitting room with open fire, toilet and shower, kitchen with fridge, oven cooker and general kitchen appliances. This is right beside the seaside.

We fund the food and volunteers cook for themselves.

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