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volunteer farm england

Volunteer on a farm in England & share culture with this friendly family.

Come and stay in a beautiful and ancient English Farm House working on all sorts of projects with me and my family. You will see what life in the mountains is like!

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Volunteer on a farm in England – requirements & tasks

The Farm dates back to the early 1500s. It is on its spot of land in my definition of heaven. We have so much to do though! What you can get involved in will depend on the season, how long you are planning to be with us and what you are interested in. We are somewhat flexible in what projects we prioritize. If you let us know your interests we can endeavor to switch things around to suit.

The main project that needs work at the moment is our organic fruit and vegetable garden. We have an orchard, several small vegetable/ salad/herb-producing gardens as well as raised beds for asparagus and berries. We also have a small vineyard that requires quite a bit of care. If it is the right time of year you can get involved with the making of the wine. You can guess what the reward can be!

The sort of things that go on around here that you can help with are:

  • Gardening: pruning in winter, planting in spring, harvesting and storing in summer and Autumn.
  • Art/creativity projects: These are one-off projects that are going on at the time. Examples include creating items in our pottery and helping run the firings in our kiln.
  • Farm chores: Fetching wood and jobs relating to tree management mostly.
  • Animal chores: tending the chickens and farm cat. We don’t own the animals on our land at the moment but hope to get more animals in the future.
  • Childcare: I have a beautiful baby boy who loves being outside. He will often be coming right along with us as we go about our day. My parents live very close and do quite a bit of childcare already. But if you like children and you are happy to entertain them then this could be a very jolly addition to any day! A stay could be childcare centric freeing me up to work on other projects. But this would only be appropriate for longer stays where bonding is possible. If this is your main interest then get in touch and we can chat more about it.
  • House help: some help with cooking and cleaning up.
  • DYI/building projects: We regularly undertake these. If you feel like building a climbing wall or a greenhouse then these are the next projects coming up.

We are very project based so there should always be something interesting for you to do!

We ask for 4/5 hours a day Monday – Friday. On weekends you are welcome to take time for yourself or continue to participate with the flow of family/farm life. We will also chat with you at the time in case we can offer you a lift somewhere you are interested in.

Volunteer on a farm in England – what we offer

We have one En-suite bedroom available but are happy to accept couples or friends who don’t mind sharing a bed. My name is Grace, my parents are Ken and Ruth and my 1 year old is Ernest and he is awesome!

We are happy to share all meals with you but have found that it normally works out that breakfast is a bit more independent then lunch and dinner are organised, cooked and eaten together.

You will have shelf free for you in the fridge for your own bits and we can meal plan together so that you are comfortable. We try and only eat high welfare meat and eggs but love vegetarian and vegan food too and are happy to make room for your preferences.

When you have time off you are welcome to use our house as your home. We have an office with a desk you can use, you can work on any of your own projects you have started, or cosy up and read in our sitting room. Spring, Summer and Autumn we encourage you to get out and about on foot to explore! We also have two great pubs in walking distance!

It’s very rural so there is no public transport to our house. We will always offer to drive you about the place when we can but come prepared to be in the countryside!

Our closest town is Hay-on-Wye and Abergavenny. Our closest city is Hereford. There are some bus services that some close but we can talk in more detail about those once we are in touch and discussing logistics.

If you are interested when please get in touch with the dates you are interested and any flexibility. I would also love to know your interests within what I offer and why you would like to come and work away with us!?

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