volunteer in Bosnia and Hervegovina

Live off-grid & learn goat farming while volunteering in Bosnia and Herzegovina

This project includes farming a number of goats, some smaller animals, such chicken, ducks and partridges in order to produce bio food. As a helper, you’ll be able to participate directly in farming goats and helping to make milk and cheese. Sounds exciting? Join us!

Volunteering in Bosnia and Herzegovina – requirements & tasks

Volunteers will participate in goat farming as much as they are able; There is no pressure to learn something you don’t feel comfortable with and you’re welcome to share your ideas.

Except for farm work, you can also take care of guests who stay with us sometimes.

You will need to have your own SIM card for a mobile internet and calls, since the villages in this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina are not so developed to have Wifi everywhere.

We recommend you bring very good shoes since the terrain is abundant with rocks and stones. Shorts are not always a good idea, since there can be a snake sometimes. In Bosnia and Herzegovina we have the most venomous snake in the European south (the endemic Bosnian viper, Vipera berus bosniensis, Boett). There are also other kinds of venomous snakes in the south of the country.

Volunteering in Bosnia and Herzegovina – what we offer

You will sleep on the upper floor, which has 2 beds. The host lives downstairs and has a dog, so it is important not to be afraid of dogs.

We offer the same amount of food to you as we eat every day ourselves.

It’s ok to bring your pet, as long as it can get along with our dog.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to stay in a house that is 220 years old. Stone traditional house in Herzegovina. We collect rain water for our supply, the bathroom is not conventional and you’ll need to learn how to use water rationally.

This part of Bosnia and Herzegovina is very attractive because it is close to the Mediterranean sea (about 20 kilometers), and the area represents an ideal collision of continental and sub-mediterranean climate.

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