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Volunteer Teaching in Hanoi Vietnam
(Photo by VCV - Vietnamese Community Volunteering)

Help with English Teaching and Conversation in Hanoi, Vietnam

Come Volunteer Teaching in Hanoi Vietnam with us. Live abroad, learn new skills and impact the lives of others.

About Us:

We are a non-profit organization for educational development, cultural exchange, and charity based in Vietnam, specializing in helping our students with their education, training, skills development, and international cooperation.

Our Aim:

We believe that education is fundamental to sustainable development. We aim to create an open and fair learning environment for all our participants to learn. At many universities in Viet Nam, students learn a lot of English grammar but rarely are they taught to speak English. Once they graduate, then, they have difficulties finding employment in the best-paying jobs, which often require these English language skills.

We aim to give our students the best chance possible to improve their speaking skills, find a good job, and improve their overall well-being.

Who are our students?

We strive to help everybody, regardless of their economic status or background. As such, we offer some free and subsidized classes to welcome students from underprivileged backgrounds. As well as, providing classes for business professionals looking to improve their working English.

Where you fit in as a Volunteer Teaching in Hanoi Vietnam

Along with our students, the most important part of our organization is our volunteers. We recognize that they are an integral element in providing an environment that supports the educational and cultural development of our students.

Volunteer Teaching in Hanoi Vietnam – Tasks & Roles

We need English-speaking volunteers from all over the world, especially from countries such as America, the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, etc. who could help us together in different programs.

We are welcoming and enjoy helping Volunteers anytime in our volunteer home. Our students will become your tour guide. You will have lots of meaningful time to meet many amazing people, and discover Vietnamese culture, traditions all whilst sampling traditional Vietnamese foods. This will be a great chance for you to integrate into local people’s lives and traditions

1. Help with teaching English in our non-profit classes in Hanoi center.

1.1. Teach English to kid in Hanoi centre. 

  • Age: 5-15 years old. 
  • Class size: 6-20. 
  • Material: teaching assistants, detailed lesson plan, list of games, whiteboard, flashcards (4-8 years old).
  • Throughout your class, our Vietnamese-speaking assistant will be on hand to help you explain lesson plans to the children.
  • The children are very nice, enthusiastic, and eager to learn.
  • They have some experience with learning English previously.

1.2. Teach English to adult in Hanoi centre

  • Age: 16+ years old.
  • Class size: 6-15.
  • Material: teaching assistants, general lesson plan, list of games, whiteboard, and computer.
  • Throughout your class, our Vietnamese teaching assistant will be on hand to help you explain lesson plans to the beginner students. 
  • Help with pronunciation, speaking, and listening.
  • The students are enthusiastic learners, very friendly and always eager to help out our volunteers.

2. Help students practicing English with FREE activities surrounds in Hanoi.

Besides teaching students inside the class we aim to increase their confidence, conversational abilities, and skills in the workplace. This is done by having a cultural exchange between volunteers and students, including kids and adults on Sundays (which are optional for volunteers to attend). We focus on activities such as free talk, picnics, team building, day trips, charity, food tours, monthly meet-ups, football, clean-up, etc. This is a great way to share experiences, explore Vietnam, and participate in cultural exchanges with the local people, foods, and customs. It is also the perfect opportunity if you have any work experiences/skills to share with the students. They also are happy to share their local culture.


We are pleased to welcome volunteers who can support us for one month to several months or more. 

  • Free accommodation, WiFi, and laundry
  • Free different, delicious food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner per day. 
  • Coffee, Lipton tea, green tea, cacao, cake, fruits, noodles, bread, pasta, …are available for free.
  • Food for vegetarians/vegans is available.
  • We will pick a volunteer up at the airport by taxi.

Volunteer Teaching in Hanoi Vietnam – What else?


All volunteers will live in the volunteer apartment in exchange for teaching. The apartment is located in the Nam Từ Liêm district of Hanoi. It is outside the city center, but still within Hanoi. It is a quiet area of town and across the street from Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower, the tallest building in Vietnam.

The apartment is located in a very safe complex with a big courtyard surrounded by a couple of cafes and a corner store. Within a 10 min walk are banks, grocery stores, a local market, a clinic, a pharmacy, malls, a gym, a yoga centre, a movie theatre, bowling, a swimming pool, etc. The VCV Community Classroom is also within walking distance of the apartment.


The apartment comes with WiFi, laundry, hot water, AC, & TV. The volunteer apartment is co-ed and will have three to four volunteers per room, with a maximum of ten volunteers living in the apartment. Each volunteer will get their bed with blankets and pillows. There are two washrooms in the apartment with showers and toilets.


Volunteers get three meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast is usually light — coffee, tea & bread with jams or fruit. Lunch & dinner will be served family style for all of the volunteers, together. Meals are mainly local foods like; pho, spring rolls, fried rice, curries, stir-fried meats, and veggies. We will also make simple dishes like pasta, so no one gets too homesick. Don’t worry, we are accommodating vegetarians, vegans, or those with food allergies.


There are many forms of transportation available. The bus stop is a three-minute walk from the apartment and has 11 different routes available to go throughout the city. (Bus 22A takes you directly to Old Quarter, which is where you will most likely be frequenting.) Bus tickets around Hanoi are VND ₫3,000/USD 0.15 and to nearby provinces VND ₫15,000-₫25,000/USD 0.65-$1.10. The bus station that takes you to nearby provinces and out of town is a 15-minute walk away, which can facilitate your travels around the area.

We would recommend downloading the Grab (similar to Uber) application and setting it up before arriving.

We recommend that when traveling that you have your own travel insurance.

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