Teaching Indonesia and Spread Environmental Awareness in Indonesia
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Teach English & Spread Environmental Awareness in Indonesia

Fancy Teaching Indonesia? After two years of teaching English at the school, I made the decision to open my own English school next to my parents’ house.

To assist in my vision Teaching Indonesia, I invite volunteers from around the world to help, not only with teaching English but so they can also bring their knowledge and experience to our local people. End of making the world a better place.

I worked hard for this goal to be achieved. When I asked my parents about it, surprisingly they told me these words “We will always support you in every single way you expect your goal to be achieved for your future”. I will never forget these words from my parents. With their support, in 2015 my own school officially opened named “Our Chance” English school.

I was born with a single purpose; to help people and make the world a better place. I have a dream to become a world-class English teacher. I believe that through English with its rich cultural heritage, that I can best fulfill this purpose. I am also a sociable and amiable person.

I speak fluent English so I am able to communicate clearly with others. I am also a curious and easy-going person which makes it easy for me to make new friends, communicate with those around me and get involved with all volunteers at our place.

The Teaching Indonesia method is to make English fun to learn to utilize informal modes of teaching so the students can better understand and perhaps even enjoy the learning process. I started the school so that I could share my knowledge of the English language so others may benefit from it and have better opportunities for their future in the job market. My Teaching Indonesia vision is to provide a fun and engaging place for people of all ages to come and learn English.

I have involved a variety of volunteer jobs in my home country, such as English classes we offer, an environmental program has recently begun. This program includes educating people about reducing, reusing, recycling and composting. Recently we have launched the first recycling centre in Bajo at our school as well as a composting centre which will be used in our organic farm. A part of that, we also started giving our little help for the special needs school in town as the school needs more people who can encourage the students to live like normal people. Making them happy by helping them gives me a feeling of joy and motivates me to do more good things.

We wish for volunteers to help us teaching English and educate the students about the importance of having an awareness to keep the environment clean.

Teaching Indonesia Tasks & Roles

We wish for volunteers to help us teaching English and educate the students about the importance of having an awareness to keep the environment clean. A daily routine could consist of:

  • waking up from breakfast in the morning
  • If not too hot (maybe) helping with some chores (cleaning out the backyard, painting, building a bottle window, etc) and visiting one of the special needs school in town
  • Help prepare lunch (if you are interested)
  • Rest/read a book/play with the family/ chat in the afternoon
  • Prepare for the afternoon lessons
  • Teach from 3 pm – 5 pm
  • Help prepare dinner (if interested)


In Bajo we have 3 guestrooms, which accommodates 4-6 volunteers at one time. In Palopo, we have one guest room, which can accommodate 2 volunteers.

  • Private local style bathroom with shower (buckets)
  • Clean local style squad toilet and shower
  • Fans
  • Bed sheets provided
  • Limited Wi-Fi access at the guestroom (Please bring your laptop)
  • Laundry facilities
  • Help with tours
  • Help with Motor bike or bicycle rental

Volunteer Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are provided everyday

  • Breakfast (Pancake, Tomato or vegetable omelet, Toast bread, Scramble egg, Fresh fruit)
  • Drink option (Tea or coffee)
  • Lunch (Fried rice, fried noodle or gado gado (vegetarian) or noodle soup and many more dishes)
  • Dinner (Rice + saté chicken or deep fried chicken / rice + deep fried fish or fish saté or gado gado and many more dishes)

We hope the volunteers can help €4 to cover for the food costs. Accommodation is provided FREE in exchange for help with the English and Environmental programs.

Teaching Indonesia Getting There

To reach us, Makassar has an international Airport, Sultan HasanUddin (UPG). Flights from Bali are around $60 and take about 1.5 hours, from Jakarta they take around 2 Hours. I recommend flying with Garuda Airline because it’s meant to be the safest.

Grab a Taxi taking you to Daya Bus Terminal. This is a short ride and will cost you 90’000 IDR ($7). Ask for the bus going to Belopa/ Palopo. There is a Bus leaving at around 10 am and a night bus at 8 pm. If you arrive at another time there are cars that can take you to Belopa / Palopo. but they often stop to pick up other passengers on the road along the way. The whole ride takes 7-9 hours. All options will cost around 150’000 IDR ($11).

There is also the option to take another flight to Palopo. However, the company is not the safest. You will find flights on to Lagaligo Airport (LLO). If you need any help with the booking, let me know.

What else?

Since I was a child my parents taught me that to be a great person you must be willing to sacrifice everything for the future including time, energy and money. Until now their lessons have been priceless to me.

When I was fifteen, I began to work as an English teacher at one of the English schools in my hometown of Bajo. Even though it was hard sometimes, I enjoyed teaching English to the students.

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