Go volunteering with horses in Greece, Skyros island.

Caring for 36 critically endangered rare breed little horses is a non-stop job – it’s not the easiest but it is incredibly rewarding! Since Amanda & Stathis started their volunteering programme in 2009 they have hosted over 200 volunteers. Would you like to be one of them? 🙂

Volunteering with horses in Greece – requirements & tasks

The work is very straightforward, but it is physical. You will get fit and build muscles (and get a great tan if you come in summer ) during your stay. 

Here’s a typical day in the life of a volunteer during the summer months (times vary during winter):

7:30 – First muck-out of the fields, fill water buckets, assist with feeding
10:00 – DIY breakfast usually free time depending on what’s happening that day.
13:00 – Help with feed and water.
14:00 – Home cooked lunch and break free time
18:00 – Final muck-out, water, feed
19:30 – If you have skills and we have time: Lunging, equine agility , halter training, handling, etc.
20:30 – DIY supper

In volunteers we look for people who:

  • have a mature outlook,
  • are genuinely committed to the ethos of volunteering,
  • are self-motivated, capable of problem solving,
  • enjoy solitude,
  • enjoy working,
  • are happy to live without many modern conveniences,
  • are independent and can really get into tasks and the ponies and rural Greek life.

People who grew up in the countryside or around horses will particularly enjoy the farm.

If you are interested in and have experience with horses there is plenty to do . We have a number of young ponies, they are ready to be trained. On the farm we promote natural horsemanship practices from a variety of different teachers.

Volunteering with horses in Greece – what we offer?

You will have free time in the afternoons and you can spend it as you wish, walking, reading, going to the nearby beach at Palamari or just taking a nap! Volunteers get one and a half days off a week when you can explore this beautiful island and its main town.

The accommodation is quite basic. Our volunteer room has beds, a shower, toilet and a small kitchen area. When we have more than two volunteers we do sometimes have volunteers sleeping in tents but they all can use the facilities.

We cook one hot meal a day (but we do ask for help with washing the dishes 😉 ). We provide breakfast food, e.g. muesli, porridge, bread, cheese, eggs, and milk. You need to arrange your evening meal by yourself or make a small donation if you’d like us to get supplies for you.

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