Volunteer on a farm in beautiful Croatia.

I’m a farmer from Croatia and we’re a small family, my partner Giovanni and 2 twins Tara and Gal. We live in countryside in Istra.

Volunteer on a farm in Croatia – requirements & tasks

Here, at our place, we have a lot of things to maintain and do. We are building a new animal shelter and also will be working with plants, on the field, and with donkeys. There is always something to do – cut the grass, help with animals, help with gardening, clean the stable and/or build a new one, take care of dogs…

We usually need help from May to October.

The work will take about 25 hours weekly, 5 days a week. And we will have a lot of fun and free time.

Volunteer on a farm in Croatia – what we offer

We have one room in a garage with 2 beds, and an outdoor kitchen and toilet.

After work, we can go hiking, and visit the waterfalls or sea. At night times we can make a fire and sit around to look stars. You are all welcome during our free stay.

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