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volunteer in lithuania

Volunteer in Lithuania & help in our homestead

Want to learn about Lithuania while volunteering & staying in a peaceful place? We are a young couple of artisans. For years we have travelled around to sell our creations in various markets. With the beginning of the pandemic we decided to settle in the old country house that has been in my family for generations. Come join us and have new experiences!

Volunteer in Lithuania in a homestead – requirements & tasks

We need help to take care of our garden, greenhouses, and help to maintain our campsite always in perfect condition for customers.

We have restored the house slowly and expanded the land by planting new trees and creating a vegetable garden and three greenhouses.Our goal was to have healthy vegetables in quantities to satisfy our needs. Since we have a large territory and various attractions close to our house we decided to make a well-equipped campsite. Since our second baby was born, we have had a little more difficulty with all the activities to do.

That’s why we are looking for volunteers who want to get to know the north of Lithuania. Someone who can stay with us in this attractive and peaceful place and help us make our area more beautiful 🙂

We will ask you to help prepare meals and go buy supplies at the supermarket if needed. Depending on the weather, our family garden will require watering from time to time, the same goes for greenhouses. Moreover it will be necessary to uproot the weeds. As far as the rest of the garden is concerned, the grass will have to be cut and the hedges and flower beds kept tidy.

Since we have a campsite we would need to maintain an orderly and clean environment, not only in the garden but also in the areas available to our customers. Perhaps we will do a construction project with natural materials.

If you are a native speaker of English, French or Lithuanian, you could maybe help us to improve our knowledge of these languages.

Volunteer in Lithuania in a homestead – what we offer

We offer you 2 caravans to share with other volunteers if there are any. If both caravans are rented to customers, we will provide you with a tent and everything you need to sleep in it.

We will cook most of our meals with products from our garden, if available in season. In case we have commitments, you will have the entire kitchen of the campsite to cook something for yourself.

500 meters away is the city center of Žagarė with 3 supermarkets, pharmacy, clinic, various shops. Not far from the center there are buildings of important historical value, all easily reachable on foot from the campsite. 1 km away in the opposite direction from the city is the large lake for bathing and boat and bicycle rental.

Connected to the campsite there’s a natural path which leads to the hill called Piliakalnis. From there, you can enjoy a vast panoramic view of the surrounding environment.

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