Organic farming in Japan
(Photo by Harun Farm)

Learn farming using organic and natural methods in Japan

We don’t use machines or animal based fertilizer on our farm. Join us and learn organic farming in Japan and Permaculture methods.

I’m Indonesian who is married to a Japanese woman and we have a 7 years old boy. We are a muslim family. We Live in Miyazaki, near Miyakonojo City and have just started and are learning natural farming methods. Activities and work on the farm are gardening and housekeeping. Also DIY tasks as we live in an old Japanese house – it’s in need of a lot of repairs.

We accept volunteers who are in need of a challenge and are hardworking and ready to live in a rural village area. Usually we have one or two volunteers at any one time. We require volunteers who are ready for farm and physically work and can work independently and are active and fast to adapt and learn.

Tasks & roles when organic farming in Japan

Farm working(manual work or electric because we don’t like to much using machine and plastic in our farm) like:

  • soil making with put natural fertilizers
  • collecting fallen leaf for farm like cleaning in park or side of road
  • Making creative tool for turn away wild animal or bird

House area working:

  • Firewood making (using axe or electric saw)
  • housekeeping
  • gardening and seeding
  • house reform and maintenance
  • chicken feeding and cage cleaning
  • put fire for hot water by wood

Above work will do together or by shift. We would be living together and its important to us that you are clean and tidy. We usually wake up in 6:30 and start work farm on 8:00 or 9:00 sleep in 21:00 and really need the extra hand sometimes and be so happy if you come 🙂

Organic farming in Japan and living

Meal are Muslim based (no pork and alcohol). We cook together so if you are vegan we just can prepare vegetables using same tools.

I will try to accommodate your dietary needs but please keep in mind that I am working with a limited budget.

Organic farming in Japan: what else?

We don’t provide wifi and visa. Guests must have travel insurance. Please prepare suitable working clothes and other stuff by yourself.

For your mobility we just have 1 bicycles due to its village area. Not good ones but enough to support for mobility.

When we go to central city we can take you together but you must prepare going home by yourself if we don’t match in time to home. We just pickup in nearest station from ours. Our house close to city bus stop.

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