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Volunteer in Nepal with HelpStay
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Volunteer in Nepal helping to create a sustainable community

Volunteer in Nepal helping our project. The Project is settled on a piece of land in Damak. We wish to make this place our community home/platform/starting ground.

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We started this project to put things we learned and the people we met in the process together. This project is formed with its heart and core in alternative sustainable and free living together in harmony with nature, technology, and humans.

We hope to create a place with a sustainable economy; a place where we grow and store our food, build our own houses (wood and clay research and workstation), practice yoga and meditation, promote art and crafts, make our clothes, and teach these to the orphan.

Take what Earth gives us. We wish to nurture a community that will not only help itself grow but its surrounding communities as well.

Volunteer in Nepal tasks & roles

We are just starting, like only the second step. The First Phase of the project started in 2016. Lots of traveling and sharing was happening to look for ideas and people.

We are on second now, coming together with people who believe in the project.

We got this land to use from family this June only, parents were using it. There was nothing but a rice field. So, together with friends and family, we are currently focusing on building some of our key necessities such as a kitchen, sleeping huts, water pumps, and a toilet.

We are also collecting various seeds of fruit trees, herbs, and flowers to plant and grow after the rice harvest in December.

Meanwhile, we are spreading ideas on the internet and doing small group events in Damak itself to collect alike minded people and friends like architecture designers, civil engineers, social engineers and networking, lawyers, permaculture engineers, computer and electronic engineers, and volunteers.

We want to keep designing the whole landscape until the rice harvest, which is in December.

We are also collecting building tools and materials from people themselves. In exchange, we are providing yoga and meditation classes right now.

The Third Phase of The project starts in December. We will open the platform to all the interested people around the world and start building and planting and teaching kids and many more.

Volunteer in Nepal – what else

The project is prospering at the hands of those who want to help and it will always welcome anyone who wishes to contribute, no matter how small or big. Our goal is to reach out to people from all over the world; making the project a melting pot of cultures and perspectives.

We also wish to inspire a place where creative minds can come together and share their skills such as music, painting, filmmaking, photography, philosophy, etc.

We recommend that you have your own travel insurance.

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