Animal Sanctuary Volunteering Thailand
(Photo by Baan Unrak Animal Sanctuary Thailand)

Go Animal Sanctuary Volunteering in Thailand

Fancy Animal Sanctuary Volunteering Thailand? We are looking for Sanctuary Volunteers to help our small team with the day-to-day running of the sanctuary and to care for our resident dogs and cats.

This includes walking dogs, cleaning pens, socializing our animals as well as helping the resident Vet at our on-site clinic.

Animal Sanctuary Volunteering Thailand – Quick Checks

  • Hours & Roster: 7 hours/day, 1 day free/week, see ‘Tasks & Roles’
  • What’s the Cost? Approx. €3.00 which covers your accommodation in the Volunteer House
  • What’s included? Free wifi at both the sanctuary and the Volunteer House. Meals are not included, however during term time there are free vegetarian lunches provided for all volunteers at the school next door to the sanctuary
  • Selection process: We welcome all volunteers with a love of animals and who enjoy working in a team! Volunteers are expected to be resourceful and take initiative.

Animal Sanctuary Volunteering Thailand – Tasks & Roles

Each day at Baan Unrak is different, as we always have new patients coming into the clinic and some require more care than others! We have around 50 resident dogs and we conduct regular sterilisation and vaccination programs to humanely control the population of dogs and cats and help reduce the levels of disease in the area.

Working hours:

  • 8am – 12pm
  • 2pm – 5pm

Sanctuary Volunteers generally work 6 days per week, with one day off. Everyday roles for Sanctuary Volunteers include:

  • walking resident dogs
  • feeding resident dogs
  • cleaning resident dog pens
  • cleaning pens in clinic
  • laundry
  • helping resident vet with medical rounds
  • feeding resident cats
  • socialising with animals (including grooming, bathing, extra walks, playing)
  • helping with general chores

Animal Sanctuary Volunteering Thailand – Living

Sleeping: We have a Volunteer House which includes a basic kitchen (with kettle, fridge/freezer & gas hobs), cold water bathroom with shower and Western-style toilet and can house up to 12 volunteers. Rooms are single or shared depending on availability, and there is free Wifi at both the house and the sanctuary/clinic. The fee for the volunteer house is 100 thai baht per night (approx. €2.60).  Alternative accommodation is available in town (with hot water and air conditioning), please contact us at for more information and help with bookings.

Linen & Laundry: Laundry can be done for no charge at the sanctuary (washer driver), and there are many places in town that provide a full laundry service (washing, drying, ironing) for small fee.

Eating: Meals NOT included (*during term time, free vegetarian meals are provided in the school next to the sanctuary Monday to Friday). Many of our volunteers choose to cook at home at the volunteer house, otherwise there are many small inexpensive restaurants and markets around town where you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Transport: Buses and minivans are available from Bangkok to Sangkhlaburi, usually with a stop in Kanchanaburi. Please contact us for updated bus times and and/or help with booking.

What Else…

  • Volunteering at Baan Unrak is a unique and rewarding experience, as we work with limited resources in a relatively isolated area. Volunteers are expected to be resourceful and take initiative, and will learn vital skills in animal husbandry. Those who are interested in the veterinary side of things will get the opportunity to observe and assist our resident Vet with unusual cases in our clinic.
  • Surrounded by lakes and jungle, there are many beautiful sites to see on your days off such as the famous Mon Bridge, the local nature reserve, waterfalls, temples, hot springs and more.
  • Owning travel insurance is recommended.
  • Please make sure to double check your dates before booking, and let us know in advance if you will not be able to join us or your plans change. This is very important! We are a small team and rely on our Sanctuary Volunteers, so unexpected cancellations and no-shows affect the day-to-day running of the sanctuary

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