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Work stay in France

Help in our Bar and Restaurant in the French Countryside

Bren is looking for a helper to support the restaurant. Additional experience with brewing, gardening or photography is appreciated. This work stay in France would suit someone fond of the outdoors.

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Hiking and cycling are very popular pastimes here. Albi city is near with squillions of museums and exhibitions.

Pottery classes are available. There are village fairs and dinner dances.

Language: English and/or French with some English.

Work stay in France tasks & roles

Help in the bar & restaurant, of course. Maybe you have some experience with Facebook. Someone with knowledge of brewing or photography would be very interesting. I also need some tuition for my French language. If you enjoy gardening, there’s always plenty to do there.

This HelpStay would suit someone fond of the outdoors. Hiking and cycling are very popular pastimes here. Also, you can join the athletic club. Enthusiastic footballers or supporters are very welcome at the local stadium which is ten minutes walk from my restaurant.

Pottery classes are available at very reasonable rates close by.

There are village fairs, parties and dinner-dances most weekends.

Work stay in France Living

In return for your help, I offer a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. A comfortable, private room with shower and, of course, excellent meals.

The nearest airports are Rodez and Toulouse. Train links are good and I will be pleased to pick you up from the station.

What else?

The greatest benefit will be to enjoy the village and the surrounding countryside. Although life is slow and stress-free, the Mayor and the thousand or so inhabitants of Pampelonne are fiercely proud of their village and maintain Pampelonne to enviable, high standards.

There are many events held throughout the year for you to enjoy. These include banquets, barbecues, dances, artistic exhibitions, cultural fairs, and a book fair. You are, of course, very welcome to participate in these events.

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