Permaculture Farm Volunteering
(Photo by Plukrijp Farm)

Experience Permaculture Farm Volunteering in Belgium

Want to Experience Belgium Permaculture Farm Volunteering? We’re permaculture farm since 1982. We host six hundred visitors a year as well as people taking courses, interns, students and people from all walks of life.

In our experience nearly all of our volunteers have called their visit to our farm an eye-opener. To many our inspiration is a library that they didn’t know existed.

Help consists of: carpentry, building, gardening obviously; scratching, seeding, watering, weeding, making jam & curry, cleaning, etc. a plethora of activities mostly outdoors. We have an ongoing year-round permaculture theory & practice course.

Our balance in group dynamic through absence of addictive substances, ego and greed has been called an inspiration that many will apply further down the road of life.

We strongly believe that in our universe travelers benefit from “carrying” other people and being carried by their peers. Our volunteers come from all over the globe and this international mix has proven to be educational for everyone; creative sparks tend to fly when two worlds collide.

We have created an atmosphere where a change in paradigm away from so called Western values makes more sense.

Permaculture farm volunteering tasks and roles

We are a flexible community around 15.000m² permaculture garden feeding very many. We also give courses and have the opportunity to come for an internship from 3-6-9-12 months.

During that internship we teach on a daily base the principles of permaculture and the way we live them. We do not sell but we give away our produce.

Free contributions in a « magic hat » bring in the little necessary money. Vegetarian (not always) meals, sleeping places in caravans, yurts, attic rooms, no meetings, rules kept to a minimum, no sexism, violence, drugs or alcohol please.

We are linked to transition town movements, free restaurants, spiritual centers. Creative workshops(dance, yoga, meditation,…) are given by anyone wanting to do one.

Permaculture farm volunteering living

Dormitory, caravan, dome, tent, …many possibilities. Bus station Schriek Langstraat walking distance.

What else?

Rules kept to a minimum, no sexism, violence, drugs or alcohol please.

We recommend that when travelling that you have your own travel insurance cover in place.

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Volunteering exchanges in Belgium & France

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More volunteering opportunities

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