Volunteer in Portugal
(Photo by Herdade dos Montecos)

Volunteer on a Organic Farm in Portugal

Volunteer in Portugal at a start-up regenerative farm in South West Alentejo. We live in nature about 15 km from the beach.

We are a Belgian couple and this is our first year on our new farm in the beautiful Alentejo region, 15mins from the beach. It’s just the 2 of us but a lot of animals already.

We are planning to start a commercial organic mixed orchard or ‘food forest’. But this will take us 1 more year before we can start planting the trees. For now, we could use some help setting up our garden and animal systems. We are already 80% self-sufficient in veggies, eggs, and meat. With your help, we believe we can increase this further.

We start the day doing the daily chores; feeding/moving animals & vegetable garden. After this  we start working on whatever project we have going on. Often we have several and you can choose whatever interests you most. If you want to know what we are working on the period you want to come, just ask.

In summer when it’s hot, expect to start very early. In winter when it’s raining expect to get wet 🙂


We have a second building with a basic but fully stocked kitchen and bathroom for volunteers. Sometimes you will be asked to cook for yourselves with the food we provide. The meals can be 100% vegetarian, but omnivores can get meat from our own animals once or twice a week. We have a big tent or caravan for you to stay in.

I can pick you up at the bus station in Cercal or the train station in Funcheira.

Volunteer in Portugal – What to bring

  • Decent footwear for working is a must for safety
  • You should bring: a pair of (safety) shoes, sunhat, headlight, sleeping bag and sunscreen
  • We have tents so no need to bring one. But you can if you rather bring your own. Rubber boots are always nice in winter. 

For now we could really use some help setting up our garden and animal systems. We are already 80% self sufficient in veggies, eggs and meat. With your help we believe we can increase this further.

We recommend that you have your travel insurance covered. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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