English Language Mentor and Enjoy a Free Hotel Stay in Czech Rep
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Talk English and enjoy a free hotel stay in Czech Republic

Be an English language mentor. We educate students in English in cooperation with volunteers. The entire program takes place in beautiful places in Czechia.

Talk English? Enjoy a Free Hotel Stay in Czech Republic. Do you want to volunteer and help people learn English?

  • Are you a native English speaker?
  • Are you planning a trip to Europe?
  • Would you like to gain experience teaching English?
  • Do you want to volunteer and help people learn English?

Then Prague is your answer. Stop by and volunteer in beautiful Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, in the heart of Europe. We invite you to our first program in the Czech Republic. We educate students in English in cooperation with volunteers.

The entire program takes place in beautiful places in the Czech Republic. If you want to see interesting places and meet Czech culture, please just come and join us. You will see the Czech Republic, our spa region, or historical castles. We look forward to hearing from you.

English Language Mentor By Teaching English to adults

  • This program, “I’m not afraid, I want to speak fluently” (1-1 session). This one is designed for clients who want to invest 100% in individual language learning with native speakers – one student paired each hour with one English lecturer. In more than 70 hours of English conversation, students will improve both their speaking and writing skills. Through this program, students can prepare for an English language examination or a new career position. Throughout the day, students will spend time in English conversation with volunteer teachers and their mentors and with other students, with whom they will work on group projects.
  • “I speak just a little and I want more” (2-1 session). We also offer our program for those who are not quite sure that a week of intensive English language communication is appropriate for them. In this program, lessons are taught in a 2-1 system; one native speaker works with a pair of students. This approach is ideal for those who know the basics of English grammar but have not had an opportunity to practice English with a native speaker in real-life situations. At this stage of English, support from a fellow student partner can be very helpful and language learning is more fun.

English Language Mentor Tasks & Roles

Our program offers volunteers the opportunity to visit and explore our country and to meet many new friends from the Czech Republic, nearby Slovakia, the rest of Europe, and English-speaking countries around the world. We would welcome applicants from your facility and would greatly appreciate your posting notice of our program. Thank you very much for your consideration.

We are a non-profit organization in Prague in Czech Republic, whose aim is to raise the English language literacy of Czech students by enabling them to interact with native English speakers in a multicultural exchange.

Here is more about us and our English Language Mentor programs.

  • We are the first company in Czech Republic to offer intensive language courses with native English speakers, who volunteer their time to assist our students. We have had many such volunteers of various ages, including many retirees from the United States, as well as from Canada, Australia, England, and other English-speaking countries. No teaching experience is necessary to participate in our program. All that’s required of volunteers is native English language literacy and a desire to meet and help English language learners in the beautiful Czech Republic. To read feedback from people around the United States who have participated in our program, please visit our website.
  • During our six-day program, at no expense to volunteers, we provide excellent food, accommodation, and transportation via a comfortable bus to and from Prague.
  • The program takes place for six days and five nights in a beautiful hotel or guest house. Volunteers are accommodated in double rooms with full board: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and during the day-coffee, tea, and snacks. Wi-fi is available at each venue and, at each, we have a private meeting room, where our intensive language program takes place. Mid-week, we take our participants on a tour to a nearby interesting site, such as a historic town or spa.


We offer accommodation in double rooms, full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner and, during the day, coffee, tea and water in the meeting room). Wi-Fi is available in the rooms or the restaurant.

We will take you comfortably by bus from Prague to our venue and then back at the end of the program.

Where will we meet and where do we go? We will meet and go together by bus to our venue. The intensive language course will take place in the congress halls of the venue.

The accommodation includes six days and five nights in a beautiful hotel or guesthouse. We offer double rooms with full board.

The focus of our English stay program for adults is English language immersion with a cultural twist. For six days and nights, in lovely rural Czech venues, we connect Czech participants with native English-speaking volunteers.

For approximately 70 hours, the students and volunteers talk and listen to each other entirely in English, all the while sharing in fun and educational activities.

By the week’s end, the Czech students had all grown self-confidence and English-language proficiency. In addition, everyone’s cultural understanding has been greatly enhanced!

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