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volunteering in California

Live in a self-sufficient EcoVillage while volunteering in California

We offer an opportunity to learn sustainable wildcrating, foraging and permaculture farming in a mountainous, wilderness, off-grid setting. Join us!

Volunteering in California – requirements & tasks

The remote wilderness of the Siskiyou Mountains provides a unique environment for a responsible, vibrant, natural lifestyle – bypassing an unsustainable, industrial, consumer culture. We have worked since 2008 to create this sacred space and focus on our relationship with the land through permaculture/agroforestry, animal husbandry, and wildcrafting. Our focus is fearless harmony and a positive, healing, heart-consciousness amid dramatic socio-economic changes.

Currently, we are open to accepting community members, helpers, interns, and guests. Come visit and talk with us if you’re interested. Specifically, we are looking for congruent people who are willing and able to help us create the world we want to live in.

We prefer a minimum visit of two weeks to work together, and for you to get to know the project, the people here, and the surrounding area. Sometimes we approve a shorter stay.

You will plug yourself into our farm schedule, which is usually about four to five hours per day, five days per week. We usually start our morning chores around 7 am, work in the mornings, and take the afternoons off.

We have a community agreement about no smoking (of any kind) on our land and also no chemical dependencies/addictions.

Volunteering in California – what we offer

We are self-sufficient and sustainable in a relatively primitive set-up. It’s mountainous and remote so don’t expect any luxuries 🙂 But you will have a room and full board.

Accommodations are typically staying in our lodge, up at the top of our mountain, and of course, if you want more privacy you can tent May thru October which is easy, or bring your accommodations (RV, etc).

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