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Zimbabwe Volunteering Community Projects

Zimbabwe Volunteering Community Projects

Fancy Zimbabwe Volunteering Community Projects? Work with the less privileged families in the local communities of Sakubva and Chikanga.

Zimbabwe Volunteering Community Projects – About the Program

You will be in contact with 46 children from the less privileged homes in Sakubva and Chikanga communities in Mutare. On other days you will visit the less privileged children and share their life experiences with their guardians.

As a participant in this project you will work with abandoned and abused children. It will be your role as a volunteer to support the staff by engaging the children in different activities. Volunteers will help the children with homework and engage in other fun and useful activities.

Specifically volunteers will do the following activities:

1-Raising awareness of social issues within local communities
2-Assess the conditions and needs of the children and people you will be working with
3-Provide counseling session therapy methods with local staff to improve current practices
4-Provide career development sessions with youth girls and boys
5-Assist in cooking and doing laundry for the less privileged children
6-Providing abused children with the care and attention they need
7- Assist with general tasks such as feeding programs within the families

Help in a community project, working alongside locals and helping with counselling and homework for less privileged children in Sakubva and Chikanga Townships in Mutare. The programs allow volunteers to visit the homes of the less privileged children and have an understanding of their life challenges they face daily and provide guidance and support to the children and their guardians on handling life situations.

Zimbabwe Volunteering Community Projects – Typical day

Regular Days

08.00-10.00am Assisting with general tasks such as feeding and playing educational games
11.00-12.00pm Project Site Visitation and Assessing the conditions and needs of the children
12.00-13.00pm Assisting with cooking and doing laundry for the less privileged children
13.00-14.00pm Serving Lunch and sharing stories with families
14.00-15.00pm Sharing of counseling and therapy methods with local staff to improve current practices
15.00-16.00pm Providing career development sessions with youth girls and boys
16.00-17.00pm Raising awareness of social issues in local communities

Zimbabwe Volunteering Community Projects – Stay Overview

What’s Not Included? Flights, visa, pocket money, internal transportation, travel insurance, safaris
Selection process: Message us about your relevant experience, why you’d like to volunteer with us & the dates you would be available

Tasks & Roles

We will provide you with personal development and an in-depth experience of another country. Please show initiative, and have self-motivation. You will be helping in the following two areas:


  • Sleeping: Volunteers usually stay with the host family. Andrew is part of the host family and he has experience with international volunteers. You will get a single room or share a room with another volunteer.
  • Linen & Laundry: Please bring linen and towels. Laundry facilities are available.
  • Eating: All meals will be covered. Most of our meals are vegetarian, including bananas, potatoes, rice, and beans. On occasion, we may provide traditional dishes.
  • Transport: Volunteers can be met (USD $50/each way) at Harare International Airport in Zimbabwe by Andrew. Candle Light Preschool is located at 258 Devonshire, Sakubva, Mutare which is located about 300km away from Harare International Airport and it takes about 4 hours to travel by road.

What Else…

  • Visa Process: The volunteers are expected to organize their visas and are fully responsible for attaining the correct visa. Correct visa information can be found online. Most nationalities can get a visa on arrival at Harare International Airport and we recommend a Holiday Visa for a stay of up to 90 days. We encourage the volunteer to visit safaris and tourist places during their weekends as part of their stay as a volunteer in Zimbabwe.
  • Work Permits: Those volunteers who want to stay for a longer period should apply for a work permit before arrival in Zimbabwe.
  • We can accommodate up to 6 volunteers at any one time.
  • Male and female helpers accepted.
  • 18 + age preference. Single travelers, two friends, and couples are welcomed and accommodated.
  • Safari Bookings: Volunteers who want to go on safari during their stay in Zimbabwe will receive a decent discount through our affiliation partner.
  • Program fee breakdown is as follows: USD $10/day covers accommodation and food. USD $5 covers in country supervision and administration & USD $5 covers the Preschool Child Care Support Program.

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