Empower youth and women while volunteering in Malawi.

Volunteer with our youth-led Malawian non-profit organization working for the wellbeing of youths, women, girls, and children rights. By volunteering with us, you will be a champion of social and economic empowerment and make a change for women, youths and vulnerable groups.

Volunteering in Malawi – requirements & tasks

Volunteers help wil youth outreach sessions, they teach entrepreneurial skills, train young girls in making reusable pads, doing sports etc.

In light of Malawi’s current social, political and economic development context, the 2023-2027 Communications Strategy, Citizen Impact Organisation aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Improve public perception in Malawi among key media groups
  • Create new public & private sector partnerships to effectively help decrease the rate of child marriages and teenage pregnancies through educating girls and providing youth friendly sexual health services & education.
  • Advocating for human rights through civic education and ending gender-based violence by fighting for gender equality and equity.

Our organisation is working in the rural set up of communities where we do various works with women. It includes farming, tailoring and fashion designing, teaching young learners art designs, Internet. We also need you to help with social media as well as provide computer training to young people.

Volunteering in Malawi – what we offer

You will get accommodation and all meals for your help. We will also explore the beautiful lakes of Malawi, Nyika national park, Vwaza game reserve, Mulanje mountain, and have experience in bee farming as well as learning out tumbuka language and dances.

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